Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's 3am and the WH phone doesn't ring

Remember the infamous Hillary Clinton ad asking Americans "who would you rather have answering the phone at 3am" when crisis comes callin?

On 9/11/01 we had George Bush, on 9/11/12 we had an "empty chair" with the very person who ran that famous ad in his empty Cabinet.

Now, imagine my surprise when I woke this morning to read a CBS article that actually, for once, held Obama's feet to the fire over the Bengazi attack.  I took another sip of my strong, black coffee to make double sure I wasn't still asleep and was reading this right.  Checked, double checked -- yep, it was CBS.

If you want a flavor of realism of how the Obama campaign is in full panic mode you only need to read the comments on this liberal website to see what the libs are saying about "the One".


  1. Ya, it seems Obama simply can't escape his jumping in with lies to protect his failed policies ... and even he's telling the truth now. Might be the first time ever, huh?

  2. Hahaha! Love the hand wringing from the leftists. Keep the coffee brewing, it's gonna be a looong 6 weeks.

  3. I must admit I was a little surprised at the `sleeping giant's` reaction to this one. Even my tiny country had dispatched a Royal Marines SF team onto The Falklands, scoping, within days of the invasion - but then again we did have Mrs Thatcher in charge.