Tuesday, December 10, 2013

When only the police have guns!

If anyone recalls this last September the NYPD opened fired on a man in NYC who was causing a disturbance and hit 2 women bystanders instead.  The two officers that shot into the crowd while aiming at 250lb man thought he was reaching for a gun.  There was no gun.  Obviously these two officers missed the "situational awareness" part of the handgun course and perhaps didn't do so well on target practice either because let's face it, he was a rather large target.

Of course there are lawsuits pending, by the women, against the NYPD for their injuries but a funny thing happened on the way to saneville and the NYC District Attorney has filed charges against the man for causing the situation in which the women were injured.  So the gist of the story is this -- "An unarmed man is prosecuted for shooting people.

I think if this actually succeeds we will see people being hauled off in paddy wagons from McDonalds because someone else has a heart attack and dies.


  1. I know, only in Lib land can this be serious. Here is the link to the NY Times article about it.