Thursday, January 2, 2014

Al Gore's relative missed Titanic's Iceberg

Did you know that Al Gore has closed 90% of his carbon offset businesses and has laid off all his staff.  No joke.  His prophetic doomsday deadline is upon us and guess what -- there be ice, everywhere.

Polar Bears and Penguins are frolicking in the winterwonderland of the Artic.  This brings me to the latest cartoon I found at Obama Cartoons:

I Though the artist nailed this with semi-seriousness. I believe the caption should read:

"You finally found some ice where your "hockey stick" WILL work.


  1. Wonder how much money Gore made off of global warming. Always follow the money.

  2. Wonder how much money Al Gore made off of global warming?

  3. Good one! Me LOVE hockey! We here in Mid Michigan are girding our loins for a winter onslaught of global warming this weekend. Poor Forrest Gore.

  4. A pox on al gore.Genocidal maniac.

  5. Gore's Global Warming Secret

    You'll never guess what initially inspired Al Gore's "temperature" mania - the one that's raised our tempers.
    Well, Gore is from Tennessee where you can hear Bible belt preachers warning about "Hell fire" in the next life.
    And Gore, concerned about this life, is surrounded by those who also know about the prediction in Revelation (chapter 16) of the coming time when a change in the sun will result in humans being "scorched with great heat"!
    It wouldn't be convenient if folks were to discover that Gore, a liberal, was influenced by the handbook closely associated with Christian fundamentalists!
    If Tennessee fundy preachers could look at the same predictions-packed apocalyptic book and stretch forward in time some future events, Gore could surely do the same thing and stretch forward the "great heat" and turn it into cold cash.
    All of us are well aware of the incredible influence that the Gore-orrhea plague has had on the whole world including the White House!
    But Gore's overlooked another Bible verse which says that "there is nothing hid that shall not be revealed."
    The real "inconvenient truth" is that the SS Al Gore is now stuck in ice - and what we need is a Gorebreaker!