Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Freemasons, Tri-Lateral, Bilderburgs

I have written extensively here at ALR about the Freemasons, Tri-Lateral Commission, the Bilderburg Group and the other "One World or New World Order" subject.  In fact, those who dare speak of these things are listed as kooks, conspiracy theorists or worse.  This subject actually has more information grounded in fact than Global Warming or even Darwin's Evolutionary theory.  Yet the environmentalists' as well as those who believe in evolution, as described by Darwin, tell us that their point of view is fact based in science.  Truth is neither global warming nor evolution are anything else but settled science.  Before I get into the meat of this writing here today that the above organizations (some as old as time itself) are all hurling us into the New World Order which is run by a handful of elite, rich and powerful families that go back millennia.  This order of powerful men have planned this since the beginning of history and the plan is to form and implement this order in much the same way Communism was run where the government (these men and their organizations) will tell us what to do, what to eat, when to die or even who should be born.  I know, sounds kooky, huh?

I wrote of this in a series of articles titled Glen Beck homework assignment,  Glen Beck homework Assignment I1 and Glen Beck homework assignment III (see links).

I would suggest you read all three to give yourself the basic starting point (where I left off) and do your own research further than I did.  You will see the evidence everywhere.  You will see the facts.  You will, in your gut understand that the feelings you evoke in your own research is not mental illness or early onset conspiracy kooky fruity cakeness, but truth in such a manner that evinces a visceral response within you.

Think about the environmentalist that brought us Global Warming and the billions of dollars that they have extorted from countries and corporations in the name of junk science.  These same people are puppets of the elite that the title speaks of that want to rule the globe in communistic fashion where the police state can do anything they wish and individual thought or desires are eradicated in the name of this order.

Think I'm unhinged?  Remember when the "ship of fools" incident in the Antartic recently where those Global Warmers went to the pole to document that the ice was disappearing (as Al Gore pontificated in his Nobel Prize winning pompousness in "an inconvenient truth") only to get stranded in a sea of ice for quite some time.  This incident is only one of many which have shown that Global Warming theory is just a way to transfer wealth (communist style).

Still think I'm off my rocker.  In spite of the mounting evidence to the contrary that Global Warming is bubkus they keep saying it is happening.  On January 19, 2014 the UN Climate Chief said the following -- "She stated earlier this week that democracy is a poor political system for fighting global warming. She also said that communist China is instead the best model."

Here we have the Climateers advocating communism.  Never mind the fact that in 2010 alone, 1.2MM Chinese died as a result of their air pollution.

In the next day or two I will be posting a new and comprehensive article that furthers the connection with some mind blowing information that I stumbled upon today.  I need time to digest the info, get further information from the source and hopefully have a certain document in hand that connects the dots undeniably.


  1. Global Warming? It was recently reported (months) that 'greenhouse gases' were at their highest recorded levels in modern history, yet the Earth has been cooling the last 15 years and continues to cool.

    CO2 increase(the hockey stick) is THE basis for the GW theory Period. When the basis for your theory does not produce the forecasted results, YOUR THEORY IS BULLSHIT.

    For the benefit of any morons reading - See Scientific Method. See Validating Einsteins Theory of Relativity. If it had been off by an Inch, it would have been tossed in the trash by every sane physicist in existence. So why is not GW tossed in the Trash. Why are 'duh GW scientists" not laughed out of town.

    One reason is you stupid F's continue to support it.

  2. Rosey, Another great point in your post regards the fake man made GW. Even if Everyone in the World drove a Prius, it would not overcome the CO2 output (If you're an idiot and think that's the focal point) of China, and China has no solution for their pollution output for many decades to come.. And if it comes to pass that New York, much of the East Coast, and California are under water,would that be a Bad Thing?

    You're not even spitting into space.