Sunday, January 19, 2014

Liberals are SOOOOOO cliche'

"Beating a dead horse" comes to mind when this administration pulls no punches in order to get the Muslim Brotherhood back into power in Egypt.  John Kerry gave a statement today regarding the election results in Egypt that approves a new constitution.  "When nearly 20 million Egyptians — more than 98 percent of votes cast — approved a new constitution to replace the one forged by Islamists, Secretary of State John Kerry said elections aren’t everything.


I can still hear the "usual suspects" on the left in America that have "beaten that same horse" to tell us little people that "They won the election" so deal with it. 

Speaking about the usual suspects, Jimmy Carter and his "Carter Center" who brought us election monitoring in favor of Hugo Chavez and the Muslim Brotherhood also chimed in before the election with the following -- "the Center is deeply concerned about the polarized environment and the narrowed political space surrounding the upcoming referendum, as well as the lack of an inclusive process for drafting and publicly debating the draft constitution.

Despite these concerns, it is clear that many Egyptians view the constitutional referendum as an important opportunity to voice their opinion about the transition roadmap and the way forward. To increase the credibility of this process, the Center recommends that Egyptian authorities reverse the crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood and other opposition activists and rescind the recently enacted protest law that severely restricts public gatherings and rallies, including for electoral campaigning. Restrictions on media outlets sympathetic to Islamists also should be lifted. While the fundamental freedoms of association and expression must be protected, it also is essential for all Egyptians to refrain from acts of violence, incitement, and intimidation, and that security forces refrain from the use of excessive force in the event of disturbances."

Notice the "pro-Islamic" tilt in this statement.  If you remember, it was the Carter Administration that brought us the Iranian Islamic rulers in the 70's and the resulting violence that that ideology has wrought.

Carter wishes that the Muslim brotherhood and the Islamic caliphates be allowed to take to the streets and in the case they get violent get a safe pass from the Egyptian military.  The violence, incitement and intimidation IS the Muslim Brotherhood watermark and not the average citizen.

So, if 98% of the population rejects sharia law and this Administration say that this is just one election then maybe they should complain from the back of the bus.  Egypt will of course allow you on that bus to begin with.

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  1. They wont rest until we are destroyed actually......sigh....Have a blessed monday :-)