Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The scarecrow's are winning

The last state in the US to allow concealed handgun permits have the anti-gun kooks in a blather.  When DC V. Heller landmark case ink was drying the City of Chicago was in a literal war zone of crime as murders were piling up in the streets.

The pressure was building for the liberals in charge and all they could say was the crime spike is due to handguns, or just guns simply.  They said that it wasn't because the laws on the books preventing law biding citizens from owning firearms for personal protection against the onslaught, it was because neighboring counties and states were selling more guns to straw men that were finding their way into the hands of criminals.  If everyone else would just ignore the 2nd amendment as they were, then there would be no guns coming into the city and we could all just sing kumbaya.

Of course this argument, as usual, is a lie.  Straw men indeed.

In the latest drawback against fighting the constitution instead of crime the latest judges ruling against the City of Chicago's ban against legal gun sales within their borders.  Again, the straw men were attacked -- "Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel "strongly disagrees" with the court's decision, according to a statement from the city, adding that he has instructed the city's lawyer to consider all options to better regulate the sale of firearms within the city's borders.

"Every year Chicago police recover more illegal guns than officers in any city in the country, a factor of lax federal laws as well as lax laws in Illinois and surrounding states related to straw purchasing and the transfer of guns," the statement said. "We need stronger gun safety laws, not increased access to firearms within the city."

Gun sales are allowed outside of Chicago, including in neighboring suburbs, and anti-gun activists have complained that criminals use "straw buyers" to buy guns outside of Chicago and bring them into the city."

Here, Mayor McCheese (Emanuel) complains of lax federal, Illinois and surrounding states laws as the usual suspects but in reality those laws are not lax, their justified under the constitution.  The liberals just can't stand it that they can't pry that gun from your warm and ready fingers.

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