Sunday, January 12, 2014

Is Dennis Rodman just misunderstood?

I have strayed away from commentary with the antics and political aspirations from a former NBA player named Dennis Rodman.  Since Rodman started his love affair with the North Korean dictator thug I, personally, lumped Rodman in the same camp and category as Sean Penn and Harry Belefonte who are outspoken advocates of communism.  Sean Penn as you recall was highly public about his fondness with Hugo Chavez as was Belefonte was with Castro.

These former famous people have grappled with their diminishing public roles and have decided to be so controversial in their attempt to gain attention in the media that it borders on insanity or at least a major case of narcissism. 

Others that have tried to side with tyranny as they tell us these tyrants are misunderstood and are actually doing good were:

Dennis Kucinich -- Refused to meet with our own troops and instead sat down with Bashar Assad the ruthless Syrian dictator.

Cindy Sheehan -- Travelled to Syria (at the same time as Kucinich) with member of Code Pink to be "human shields" in order to prevent the US from striking Syria for gassing their people.  These useful idiot were to be standing side by side with Syrian prisoners who were taken from prisons around Syria to become forced shields.

So, the next time that Rodman is thinking without the aid of alcohol, maybe he will see that the man he so adores is a dangerous thug.  Perhaps Kim will want to show Dennis his hungry dogs that the dictators uncle had the displeasure of meeting.


  1. I'm conflicted with this Rodman thing, as he did something very special for my family in a time of need many years ago (story on my blog margin). I like to pretend he is on a secret mission (a form of self-medication I suppose)... If not, I just keep him in my prayers either way.

  2. No, he's just sunk into the depths of depravity, a path he chose a long time ago.

  3. I think he did it purely for the money. Nothing else mattered or figured into it.