Friday, June 18, 2010

Chris Christie for President 2012

The anti-Corzine must first prove his mettle and keep his promises.  Somthing tells me he will do just that and as he does his stock will continue to rise, perhaps to Presidential level.

23 days after elected – a preview of things to come

Honest & Direct and does not genuflect to anyone but the citizens who elected him

Unlike Democrat cowardice, Christie holds multiple town halls in libland to answer brunt questions with honest and brunt answers like he did here with a teacher.

Taking on the judicial activism that Americans are tired of, like the recent California Constitutional Amendment on Gay Marriage passed by the will of the voters now rests in the hands of a few “black robes”.

Christie rejecting his legislature tax hikes on the rich then at the same time over-riding their veto. Can you say “man on a mission”….

The day of reckening…..

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  1. I'm a Jersey girl and I find this hilarious!!! The state is split down the middle for now, wait til next year this buffoon will be the most hated Gov. in the country! lol