Monday, June 7, 2010

Does it surprise you when High Schoolers invent a game called “beat the Jew”?

Especially when Helen Thomas speaks at high schools around the country!

On June 1, 2010 America leaned that a High School in California was engaged in a game called “beat the Jew”.

“In the “game”, a runner is called a “Jew” and chased by groups of people in cars called “Nazis”.

‘The objective for the Jew is to run down Hwy. 111 to a specified checkpoint before the Nazis can catch up to him, tackle him down and capture him,’ according to a Facebook page that was taken down on Friday.”

After a student tipped off authorities to the game, this is their response:

“Desert Sands Unified School District Superintendent Sharon McGehee:

‘(It’s) their freedom of speech; there’s not much we can do except be disappointed,’ Desert Sands Unified School District Superintendent Sharon McGehee said, adding that many students apologized.

Local police department spokesman:

Indio police spokesman Ben Guitron said that, assuming all people playing the game are willing participants, whether any criminal wrongdoing had been committed would depend on if participants using vehicles were following traffic laws.

‘If they’re driving, are they obeying the speed laws? Are they driving erratically?’ he said. ‘Are they blowing lights? Are they speeding to get to them? Then there are going to be complications.’”

I cannot speak for my readers so I pose the question to you:

Does the accepted attitude against Jews acceptable to you?

I know, I know – the MSM has been long on anti-semitic attitude and short on support for Israel. One only need look at the coverage of the Helen Thomas anti-Jewish rant recently where the following organizations call her comments a “flap”:

The Press seems to think it is just a “flap”. If she were to say, for instance, that all “black people” need to go back to Africa would it be a flap? If she were to say that all “gays need to go back into the closet” would that be a flap? If she were to say that all “Muslims” need to go back to the desert would that be a flap? Of course not, it would be hate speech plain and simple.

The left are mourning her loss in the journalist ranks regardless of her hate filled venom. On huffingtonpost, an article titled:

Helen Thomas Retirement leaves Significant Void: Anti-war voices fret

"Regardless of that comment she made that was so controversial in the last few days, on the war she has been the only person asking the really hard questions of this administration and the prior administration," said Darcy Burner a progressive political stalwart and two-time congressional candidate.”

So you see, if you are against the war it is OK to be anti-semitic. You will be mourned.

To answer the question that I posed to the readers “I find it unsurprising that the left have been indoctrinating our children” through the classroom and have led to this reality of today. In spite of the Jewish Holocaust during WWII the MSM and the left have made it fashionable once again to actively persecute Jews. You need only to understand how pervasive this is when just days after discovery of this game, Helen Thomas was speak at a high school which has since been cancelled due to the “flap”.

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  1. Children are not being taught about the Holocaust, nor true events and people in history. They are being taught how to respect muslims and terrorists and how evil the Christian founders of our country were; oh and yes, how evil Israel is. Tolerance it seems, is only acceptable for certain people groups.

    As for Thomas spewing her hateful rhetoric, good. I wish other lefty whackos would do the same, then at least their true thoughts and beliefs will be laid bare. From there, it would be up to the American people to understand why they should be outraged and thus withdraw their support from such people.