Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Obama’s America has a destiny

One devoid of Christian identity
While he insists Iran soon will talk
Everything Israel say’s will be balked

America the beautiful has been changed
All the words are rearranged
From purple mountains majesty
Is now a union’s beat down tragedy

Lies, distortions and deceit
The selling of a Senate seat
Obama’s words are mere tokens
As all his promises to be broken

Our elections are paid and bought
ACORN, Blago, Sestak and Romanoff
MSM Mathews legs of thrill
Obama’s Katrina, his oil spill

Now they choke off free enterprise
While unemployment is on the rise
Government growth is now the specter
At the expense of the private sector

We watched Pelosi’s teary eyed lament
That the talk of the right is violent
Yet Salazar’s boot is on BP’s neck
And Union thugs are waiting on the deck

We now collectively share the pain
As we watch America go down the drain
The enemy within is our test
So we’ll do what we do best

We’ll throw off this yoke of tyranny
And change this course, OUR destiny
Freedom, prosperity and integrity
But most of all OUR liberty

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