Thursday, June 3, 2010

Obama’s “Bay of Rigs” to “Pay for Play”!

We are on to you!

Remember when hurricane Katrina hit and the Bush Administration was relentlessly pummeled by the Democrats and the MSM for the failure to act quickly and decisively?

The Bush Administration was hit for all sides on the left including the hurricane itself because of his policies and their effect on global warming. In fact, we still are treated with “it’s Bush’s fault” for just about everything under the sun (no pun intended).

In spite of the fact that the State and local governments own failures to act which was their duty not the Federal Governments. Remember the images of all of those school buses under water instead of ferrying local residents to higher ground. In fact it is best described as such – “Criticism from politicians, activists, pundits and journalists of all stripes was directed at the local and state and governments headed by Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans and Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco. Nagin and Blanco were criticized for failing to implement New Orleans' evacuation plan and for ordering residents to a shelter of last resort without any provisions for food, water, security, or sanitary conditions. Perhaps the most important criticism of Nagin was that he delayed his emergency evacuation order until 19 hours before landfall, which led to hundreds of deaths of people who (by that time) could not find any way out of the city.”

The media’s criticism of the Federal Government mainly, while glossing or ignoring the fact that it was the State of Louisiana’s duty to act first and then with the assist of the Federal Government was so blown out of proportion that those on the left (like Kayne West) accusing Bush and his Administration with wanting “black people to die” charges!

Now, Obama is dealing with a “Katrinalike” disaster but the circumstances are reversed where it IS the Federal Government’s responsibility to act first (because the oil rig was in Federal waters) and now we have a Republican Governor trying to act because of the Federal level inaction. The MSM initially has provided Obama and his lack of leadership to this disaster with cover but now that is changing. Democrats are starting to criticize his handling of the mess and it is getting louder. This is why he has now, in the past week made three trips down to the Gulf Coast to appear engaged when he ignored his role until the criticism reached a crescendo from those on the left.

The schizophrenic nature that liberals exhibit ensure that they cannot deal with reality because of their ideological nature. For instance, their fellow travelers in the environmental groups have pushed America’s own oil discovery and recovery into such distances and depths that it makes it almost impossible economically and environmentally to be successful yet the Liberals whine that we are not doing enough to ensure energy independence to cut off our oil based energy consumption.

Predictions of an Obama resignation increase

On December 9, 2009, OEN posted a poll that asked Progressives if Obama should resign because of his mirroring of Bush policies, sending troops to Afghanistan, Allows Israel to continue building settlements, failure to lead on HC reform, failure to hold Bush accountable for crimes, economy, unemployment and rising school tuitions. The result of 49% believed it was time for Obama to resign.

Now, even the most ardent of Obama supporters (Chris “tingle up my leg” Mathews and James Carville) are openly critical of the Administrations’ inaction to stand on ground zero with a “bullhorn” vs. golfing or White House parties on Wednesday nights.

These recent development from the far left are political in nature, but it is that segment of the left that elected the man. The more ominous storm clouds gathering though are not political but legal.

The Nixon Watergate scandal and to a certain extent the Clinton Monica Lewinsky issue had proven that the President of the United is NOT above the law. President Obama, likewise, is not above the law either. The liberals and this Administration has been operating under a different belief system though, the one that they believe they ARE above the law and in fact are very arrogant about this belief in a “in your face kinda way”.

There are three issues of criminal behavior that are threatening to envelop Obama and his administration – Rod Blagojevich; Joe Sestak and now Andrew Romanoff. All three of these issues by and among themselves are damaging and criminal.

When Obama got caught up in the Blago “pay for play” case involving the Senate Seat vacated by Obama the new White House Counsel Greg Craig performed an in house investigation, wrote a report and the White House said “nothing here improper, move along”!

While the Sestak affair came to light, the White House first said that Sestak lied, now we know he didn’t and according to the White House (now) he was just confused and misunderstood the discussions. Sestak was initially offered the Secretary of the Navy position, but quickly became a “non-paying job offer” delivered by Bill Clinton and according to the White House there is nothing here, move along…..

Now, we learn that the White House had offered Romanoff 3 paying jobs to drop out of the Colorado race to pave the way for Bill Bennett. The White initially said that this was done at the local level, not the White House until today when we learned that Romanoff released emails from the White House that actually list the 3 job descriptions. Maybe this is what the Obama Administration meant when they promised to create or save jobs……

What is ironic is that team Obama threw the entire Colorado Democrat party under the bus in order to save his skin and now we know it wasn’t them.

In light of both of the above “pay for play” implications in which one should be considered a coincidence and two incidents can be labeled as such – thinly, but three is definitely a conspiracy to defraud American voters of their constitutional rights to elect office holders. This is criminal. In all three instances the White House has tried to perform cover-ups and as such have broken an all new set of criminal laws….

With falling approval numbers and the left abandoning him left and right (again, no pun intended) the final storm will only intensify as the Blagojevich trial begins today. I believe that not only will the Democrats lose large in November, but Obama will end up resigning office in disgrace. I am not alone in this belief……

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