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An ironic twist for a job offer by Clinton to Joe Sestak!

Photo:  Firedog Lake
From left to right: Adm. Joe Sestak (Ret.), former Clinton Administration National Security Advisor Tony Lake, and Richard Clarke, former National Security Coordinator for Security and Counter-Terrorism, speaking at Swarthmore College on September 18, 2006

Political deck chair shuffling!

In July 2005 on the first day as the newly appointed Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Mike Mullen (Obama’s current Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff) fired the then two star Admiral Joe Sestak, for “poor command climate”. This was confirmed in an article written in the Navy Times a month after his sacking, though denied by Sestak to this day. Multiple sources from the Pentagon and the Navy call the move by Mullen a “firing” and “a swift sacking”.

Fast forward – Sestak publicly admitted, and the White House now confirms that he was offered a job in Government if he stepped aside and allowed Arlen Specter the Democrat nomination. The White House states it was a “non-paying” advisory committee position but sources have already claimed the job was actually the “Secretary of the Navy”.

The irony here is the Democrats are hanging their hats on the credibility of Bill Clinton’s word, which in a court of law is impeachable due to his conviction for lying under oath during the Paula Jones/Monica Lewinsky investigation. Furthermore, Sestak, during the Clinton years was the man who decimated the size and scope of the Navy for Clinton. As his reward Sestak was offered the top Navy job in spite of his military career that was ended by “poor command climate”.

The irony doesn’t stop there because Sestak was angered by the “bribe” to step aside for benedict Arlen and blew the whistle on the White House only to go on to beat Specter for the nomination and is now stuck with the mess he whistle blew into fruition.

Rewind – Sestak began his career in politics in 2006 out of nowhere. He did not live in the State of Pennsylvania for over 30 years and to win the seat he would have to face and defeat a long term Republican incumbent, Curt Weldon. How could a no-name former military washout enter into the fray of Washington politics and beat a mighty Republican incumbent? Answer, the democrat machine and their allies in the MSM. If there is one man that can be accredited with the creation and rise of the Sestak political career it is none other than ‘Sandy Berger”. The same man caught stuffing secret documents into his socks and underwear before his testimony in front of the 9/11 Commission. Here is how they did it:

After a meager $10,000 fine and the loss of his security clearance for stealing secret documents from the National Archives, Sandy Berger re-emerged from his quiet hiding hole in March 2006 to spearhead Sestaks‘first fundraiser which was held at the law firm of Harold Ickes. In addition to the first two Clinton powerhouses mentioned above there were other Democrat power brokers that jumped into the Sestak fundraising effort, they are:

Janice Enright (Treasurer of the 2006 Hillary Clinton Senate Campaign)

per Harpers Magazine – “A small number of lobbyists are super insiders. They don’t just donate money to their favorite congressional causes — they serve as treasurers of the lawmakers’ campaign committees. One of them is Janice Enright, a registered lobbyist who is also treasurer of HillPAC, one of the political committees of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton… Enright is the lobbying partner of Harold Ickes, a Clinton presidential campaign adviser, and they both worked in the Clinton White House. The Senate Appropriations Committee listed Clinton as having jointly requested, with Sen. Charles E. Schumer , D-N.Y., hundreds of millions of dollars that the spending law earmarks for New York projects. About $4 million of that funding went to clients of Enright and Ickes, including $292,000 designated for a United Auto Workers training program that is a part of an umbrella group, Consortium for Worker Education, that Enright represents.”

Madeline Albright

Richard Clark
Anthony Lake
John Podesta
Hillary Clinton

Other donors who joined Berger in the initial support of Sestaks political run from obscurity and have prior “national secrets” mismanagement or the questionable handling of these secrets are:

John Deutch (Former Director of the CIA) - Soon after Deutch's departure from the CIA in 1996 it was revealed that classified materials were being kept on several of Deutch's laptop computers designated as unclassified. In January 1997, the CIA began a formal security investigation of the matter. Senior management at CIA declined to fully pursue the security breach. Over two years after his departure, the matter was referred to the Department of Justice, where Attorney General Janet Reno declined prosecution. She did, however, recommend an investigation to determine whether Deutch should retain his security clearance. President Clinton pardoned Deutch on his last day in office

Mary McCarthy (Former CIA employee) who was dismissed for leaking national secrets to NBC – “On April 21 2006, NBC reported that the "leak pertained to stories on the CIA's rumored secret prisons in Eastern Europe", commonly known as black site.”
Is it any surprise that the Obama White House enlisted former President Bill Clinton as the cover for the Sestak job offer? Sestak was created out of whole cloth in 2006 by the Clinton Machine. The Philadelphia Delco Times explained it best when they reported “a Sestak Victory” would muzzle a Republican congressman who blames Clinton for doing irreparable harm to America’s national security during the 1990’s.”
In order for Sestak to take down the 10 term congressman (Weldon) it started in the usual fashion, an organization funded by George Soros (CREW). The executive director of CREW sent a petition to the Justice Department requesting an investigation into Weldon for violations of federal bribery laws. This petition was then amplified by a media blitz as well as a “spontaneous grassroots protest” when 17 so-called citizens protested his district office. Here is an excerpt from the news article describing the protest:

Note: The protester that was interviewed was painted in such a light that there was no political motivation, just an average tax payer with concerns about corruption in Congress and no connections to Sestak!

“About noon today, a group of 17 protesters arrived outside Weldon's district office in Upper Darby, carrying signs and the kind of foam hands usually seen at sporting events to proclaim "Number One." But these rose-colored hands said "Caught Red-Handed."

"This is the first time I've come out and done something like this," said Judy Voet of Rose Valley. "This Congress is just so corrupt."

Most of the protesters were Democrats, but they said they were not involved in the campaign of Weldon's opponent, Joe Sestak, and they included at least one Republican, Chuck Ries of Havertown.

"I don't know what to believe anymore, they lie so much," said Ries, holding a sign linking Weldon to current and former Republican colleagues Tom DeLay, Mark Foley and Bob Ney - all of whom have been embroiled in career-ending scandals.”

If the newspaper would have done just a cursory search on “Judy Voet of Rose Valley” they would have discovered that “she's been campaigning for Sestak at least since August, when she and her husband threw a fundraiser for him at the "Voet residence."

Note: The source for the fundraiser that the Voet’s held for Sestak was on the website of the Delaware County Democratic Party, but has since been scrubbed of this fact.

This “spontaneous protest” of concerned citizens occurred on October 16, 2006 yet less than a month before this “first timer” picketed Weldon’s office Sestak, Richard Clark, Tony Lake (see list of Clinton supporters that created Sestaks career above because they are all on this list) spoke at Swarthmore  College (See photo). Did I also mention that Swarthmore College is where Judy Voet is a professor along with her husband.

On Swarthmore “Womens Studies 30” webpage the college writes of Judith Voet: “Dr. Judy Voet, a self identified "mutt" with ancestors from all over eastern Europe, was raised in a lower middle class Jewish family in New York City during the 1940's and 50's. Her sole sibling, a younger sister by four years, and her parents lived in a Jewish neighborhood in the Bronx. Although the school she attended was racially mixed she was a minority. At twelve years old her family moved to Queens where she again lived in a Jewish neighborhood, but here she attended a predominantly white school.”
I can remember another prominent Democrat who was created out of whole cloth like Sestak who described himself in the same fashion (Barrack Obama):

Once Weldon was obliterated by the manufactured allegation of corruption, Sestak sailed into Congress.

The Clintons creation of Sestak and the destruction of Weldon show how ruthless and calculating the Democrats really are. The relationship between them are so intertwined that if and when an investigation (independent prosecutor) is called the implications are enormous and potentially devastating not only for the Clintons, Sestak and the Obama Administration, but the country as well.

The Obama Administration is working overtime to deflect and confuse the Sestak bribe and the house of cards is quickly falling apart. The MSM is starting to catch on and are starting to actually act like journalists by questioning the inconsistencies and deflections. At the time the Obama Administration wants this to go away (this pay for play matter) another drama is starting that will only amplify the Administrations worst fears of silence when the trial of Rod Blagojevich begins next week.

One thing is for sure about this whole sordid mess – If Sestak was offered the Secretary of the Navy Job (which he has never denied then he would have been placed atop the very military department that relieved him of his command in 2005. That revelation is bad enough, but even more disturbing is if the White House version about the “job” is to be believed then it is just another example of the seriousness of the lack of national security priorities this White House is guilty of. If Sestak is offered a job on the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board by the mere fact of performing a political act then what does that say about the others on this advisory board that has the President’s ear on national intelligence matters? I will tell you, it is already filled with people who are affiliated with members of the “Club of Rome”).

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