Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coming (oil cleanup gear) and Going (evacuation of New Orleans)

Democrat failures on both ends of a catastrophe

When hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans the Democrats and the MSM severely criticized the Bush Administration for the Governments failure to act or respond to the disaster. The State of Louisiana at the time was in complete Democrat control at the State level with Governor Blanco and at the City of New Orleans level with Mayor Ray Nagin. The blaming of the Federal response, though warranted does not diminish the lives lost because of the local government failure to implement evacuations of their own people and 1,100 deaths occurred as a result. Those deaths are on Blanco and Nagin. In the case of Katrina the Democrats failed to get people out.

Per congress investigation of Katrina:

The failure of local, state, and federal governments to respond more effectively to Katrina — which had been predicted in theory for many years, and forecast with startling accuracy for five days — demonstrates that whatever improvements have been made to our capacity to respond to natural or man-made disasters, four and half years after 9/11, we are still not fully prepared.

Despite adequate warning 56 hours before landfall, Governor Blanco and Mayor Nagin delayed ordering a mandatory evacuation in New Orleans until 19 hours before landfall.

The failure to order timely mandatory evacuations, Mayor Nagin’s decision to shelter but not evacuate the remaining population, and decisions of individuals led to an incomplete evacuation. The ncomplete pre-landfall evacuation led to deaths, thousands of dangerous rescues, and horrible conditions for those who remained.

Now, the Gulf oil rig disaster the same thing is happening but differently. Now we have the local governments controlled by Republicans who are hamstrung by Democrats controlling Washington to get responders into the area (vs. evacuating). Coming and going the Democrats have been consistent in their inaction and negligence to handle a catastrophe from the local to the federal levels…….

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