Saturday, July 7, 2012

From Auschwitz to Planned Parenthood

Matt Barber at World Net Daily posted a penned article titled "Abortion "holocaust"? If the Shoe Fits yesterday that was pretty compelling.  The article was a quasi book review/biography of author Eric Metaxas' new book titled "Bonhoeffer". 

Pro-Choice advocates have always turned a blind eye to the real fact that abortion is murder.  They cloak their arguments in semantic word switch to justify this murder.  Since Roe v. Wade 55 million unborn humans have been slaughtered.  This number is inherently larger than all of the deaths combined as a result of Hitler's semantic argument against Jews, Enemies of the State, Gays, Gypsies and disabled individuals that they were imminent threats to the mother's (The motherland) life.

Bonhoeffer penned a book titled "Ethics" whereas he approached the question of abortion supporters main argument that an embryo is not a person until it's born.  Though Roe v. Wade would not legitimize murder for some 30+ years, Bonhoeffer approached that very question from a theological point of view when he said --  "To raise the question whether we are here concerned already with a human being or not is merely to confuse the issue. The simple fact is that God certainly intended to create a human being and that this nascent human being has been deliberately deprived of his life. And that is nothing but murder,”

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”Psalm 139:13

There are positive signs that the semantics deployed in support of the "Pro-Choice" argument are begginning to crumble.  As Matt Barber writes "Mind-boggling is the human capacity to rationalize genocide" is profound in the success of the semantics.  For instance, the term "pro-choice" is a fine example of this sleigh of hand used to confuse the ultimate act of murder.

The other terms deployed are "womans right to her own body", "to protect the mothers health" and "family planning".  The fact that "family planning" is an oxy-moron is irrelevent.  Utilizing the words "family, health and rights" is intentionally devious.  They've struggled long and hard, and with much success, to dehumanize unborn children by placing upon them such euphemistic, innocuous, and clinical tags as "zygote," "embryo," "fetus," and my personal favorite, "non-viable mass of tissue." -- Canada Free Press, J. Matt Barber

In 1969, prior to Roe v. Wade, I vividly remember the Manson murders.  I was a 10 year old boy living in "North Hollywood" California at the time the murders came to light.  The press, in reporting the murder of Sharon Tate, Rosemary and Leno LaBianca, Jay Sebring, Steven Parent, Abigale Folger and Wojciech Frykowski was shocking in and of itself but particularly shocking was the fact that Sharon Tate who was stabbed 16 times, was 8 months pregnant at the time. 

At the conclusion of the trial and the conviction of the Manson family of the murders it was devoid of another conviction of murder -- Sharon Tate's unborn child.  The child did not warrant a criminal murder charge.

In 2002, some 33 years after the death of Sharon Tate, another murder occurred in the State of California when Laci Peterson (8 months pregnant) went missing.  The conviction of Scott Peterson had a profound effect on reversing this State sanctioned murder when the murder conviction of Laci Peterson's unborn child.  After the trial and conviction, the success of "rights for the unborn" was increased further, much to the dismay of the Pro-Choice community when "President Bush signed the ‘Laci and Conner's Law' (the Unborn Victims of Violence Act) making it a federal crime to harm an unborn child during an assault on the mother.

It's the first Federal law to give unborn children a status separate from their mothers. Additionally, it's the first federal law to more accurately refer to the "fetus" as an unborn child." -- Canada Free Press

So, who was Bonhoeffer?  If you like Nazi intrigue and those who fought to overthrow Hitler then this should be a compelling read.  I like to think he will be the one that will make the Pro-Choice movment squirm in their seats, just as Obama did when the author of Bonhoeffer made him do when he personally gave him a copy of that very book.


  1. I've been to Dachau. That visit still haunts me to this day. And I also know that the left is OK with killing babies.

    Of course, it's politically incorrect these days to call them murderers.

    If the shoe fits....

  2. Great blog, Rosie. I followed. Nice to meet you.

  3. I'm following as well, thanks for stopping by BAA and keep up the good fight...