Thursday, July 26, 2012

The school of "hard nocks"

I you haven't had a chance to see Allen West (again at his best, without a teleprompter) school CAIR about Islam -- then sit back, enjoy and marvel at the strength, poise and intellectual courage of a man that is truly a "great American".


  1. fwiw.. It doesn't make much sense to have word verification AND blog owner approval. I love ya, but word verification is universally annoying.

  2. At first I had no idea what you were saying -- word verification? Then I went into settings and found it was set to yes and disabled it. Sorry, please be assured I had no idea it was even there or for that matter, that I could disable it. Problem solved, hope your visits are much more user friendly here on out......

  3. ;-) Rosey. Thank you. Thank You, and THANK YOU.

    Yea, blog owners a lot of times don't even know it's on.

    Thanks again. Love your blog.

  4. Ha -- I probably would have been disabled much sooner if you would have just said "turn the damn thing off" which by the way I would not have been offended by. As you know, we Conservatives have to have thick skin when we throw political correctness out into the dumpster where it belongs.