Thursday, July 15, 2010

2010 - Year of the "Pro-Life" women

We have been treated to the recent polling data that has a remarkable amount of women candidates who are running for office in 2010 at every level of politics.  The most famous of which is Carly Fiorina who is taking on the Abortion queen herself, Barbara Boxer in the California Senate race.  Another Pro-Life woman is leading another abortion friendly Senator in the State of Nevada in which candidate Sharon Angle is ahead of Obama's favorite lap dog, Harry Reid.

The resurgence in life respecting women are a welcomed trend, but more so when they directly take out a pro-abortion incumbent.  All of this redefining "feminism" to include the choice of life is ultimately leading to the most famous of Pro-life women of late -- Sarah Palin who has yet to decide if she will run for President in 2012......

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