Monday, July 19, 2010

Compulsory Education & Compulsory Gun Control

What keeps Liberals up at night?

Public Schooling is not about education and Gun Control is not about curtailing crime –

It is about controlling the message and the masses. I found that a more apt description of Public Schools is the moniker “Public Hatcheries” as progressives seek to take and mold young minds in the ways of “Saul Alinsky” and “Homosexuality”.

On many fronts in the area of education there is a focused and concerted attack by progressives. These attacks are focused on home-schooling, sex-ed, vouchers and charter schools and come from powerful Unions, Main Stream Media outlets, professors from the ivory halls of collegiate education as well as non-profits and NGO’s.

The venom that these individuals and the organizations they come from are very explicit in making their beliefs more mainstream as the former “veil” is lowered now that they are more emboldened. For instance:

“The husbands and wives in these families feel themselves to be under a religious compulsion to have large families, a homebound and submissive wife and mother who is responsible for the schooling of the children, and only one breadwinner. These families are not living in romantic, rural, self-sufficient farmhouses; they are in trailer parks, 1,000-square-foot homes, houses owned by relatives, and some, on tarps in fields or parking lots. Their lack of job skills, passed from one generation to the next, depresses the community’s overall economic health and their state’s tax base.” – Robin West, Professor – Georgetown University

It gets better (or worse if you are a parent):

“Parents in many states have full authority, free of all state oversight, to determine the content of their children’s education,” a situation almost as unendurable as life in a 1,000-square-foot house. Professor West writes longingly of the golden age when practically all education was conducted under the tutelage of the state and opting out of the system was forbidden — and “parents who did so were criminals.”

This attitude that the State should be the sole practitioner in what your own children are taught is typical of the venom and statist dogma the liberals have, for so long now, gone unchecked.

Likewise, the gun control advocates who have been so busy trying to wrest our guns from our hands have their minions in full force ridiculing the recent Supreme Court Decisions (Heller & McDonald) that the right to bear arms extends to us, well, little people who don’t know any better.

For instance, The Washington Post headline that screamed “The Supreme Court Gun Decision Moves Us toward Anarchy” by David Ignatius. Mr. Ignatius had this to say:

“My biggest worry with Monday’s Supreme Court decision is that by ruling, in effect, that every American can apply for a gun license, the justices will make gun ownership much more pervasive in a society that already has too many guns. After all, if I know that my neighbor is armed and preparing for Armageddon situations where law and order break down (as so many are — just read the right-wing blogs) then I have to think about protecting my family, too. That’s the state-of-nature, everyone for himself logic that prevails in places such as Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Here the writer is overtly concerned about those who possess guns “legally”, who go through the proper procedures in applying for a license as pervasive and dangerous. He couldn’t help himself in bashing the “right-wing” blogs either but again there is truth hidden between his lines of vitriol. If the “right wing” blogs are so overtly concerned about the break down of law and order, or in his words Armageddon situations then he must be concerned enough to think about arming himself too. If he is so concerned about protecting himself and his family against law abiding citizens, then why not against criminals who would do harm to his family?

It is all about control and power. Rush Limbaugh said it eloquently when he said that conservatives (those who favor education alternatives to state run indoctrination and adherence to the US Constitution) are the “Party of NO as well as the Party of KNOW”!

If you have knowledge (other than that the State feeds you) and you are also adequately armed then the grassroots are a danger to their quest for total domination.

Another example of this power grab against the grassroots was the speech Michele Obama gave just prior to the Obama’s vacation in Maine about childhood obesity and her comment that dessert is not a right, yet the first image we saw of Obama in Maine was of him gobbling down an ice cream cone. I guess he didn’t get the message or maybe it was just that he is better than the rest of us. It started with Trans fat and the outlawing of fast food restaurants in certain cities to the attempt to ban salt and now sugar. To even consider that the State in essence is criminalizing eating of food the most oppressive power grab yet. It only gets worse unless of course you are on you way home from a home schooling session and decided to stop at McDonalds packing your 357, then you have a fighting chance.

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