Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Obama and the Titanic!

The ship of State is taking on water!

I posted an article the other day marveling at the recent news conference held by the White House Spokesman (Baghdad Bob Gibbs) when he, for the first time, told the truth.

The truth he told was that the House of Representatives were in trouble and that the Democrats would lose their majority. Of course it did not take long for Obama to scold him (for truth telling) and to counter his message with the “he misspoke” one.

Today, when perusing the headlines my attention focused on a Financial Times article titled “Obama facing growing credibility crisis”. I have learned long ago to pay attention to “key words” in article titles and in the body of the text of them as the MSM has a way of using certain verbiage to diminish (or amplify) twist bad news (or good) to lend their political hand to this Administration.

For instance, when the MSM has to report “bad” employment figures it does so preceding the bad news with a word like “unexpected” or “unforeseen” to make it appear to be an anomaly versus real world reality, like those who are actually standing in the unemployment line experience.

The title of the article is another example of this helping hand lent by the MSM. Though the title is actually factual as it is supported by polling data, but the article makes it appear to be a recent development when in fact Obama (and the public) has seen his polling data continue to fall since his inauguration. It is as though the magic number (40% approve) is the start of the credibility crisis. When 60% of Americans disprove of the job, or credibility of his Presidency then I think the magic number that should have triggered this article is (49%) approve.

The article is replete with the distaste for the truth. For instance, a snipet taken from it says:

“Add to that the continuing woes of Harry Reid, the Senate Democratic majority leader, in Nevada, where the Republican party’s recent nomination of Sharron Angle, a far-right and highly eccentric Tea Party supporter, appear to have had no positive effect on Mr Reid’s prospects, and the Grand Old party has a good shot at taking control of both houses of Congress. Worse for Mr Obama, political scientists say that at this stage in the calendar, there is almost nothing he can do about it.”

Here the author paints Sharron Angle as “a far right and eccentric Tea Party supporter” and the Republicans as the “Grand Old Party” and the use of these labels in describing the candidate and the party as “out of the mainstream (eccentric) and outdated (Grand “Old” party) are far too obvious.

Another example in this article is the following:

“Astonishingly, 55 per cent of citizens think Mr Obama is a “socialist” against only 39 per cent who do not share that diagnosis. The same poll shows 48 per cent support for Republicans against just 42 per cent for Democrats. The numbers are eerily similar to 2006, except that it was George W. Bush’s Republicans who were on the receiving end four years ago.”

The use of the word “Astonishingly” is laughable. When did the media stop doing their jobs? Any third grade student recognizes “socialism” when they see it and Obama fits that bill perfectly in spite of the MSM’s non reporting of it.

Since taking off, Mr. Obama has socialized Medicine, Banks and Financial Institutions, Education and other aspects of the “free market system” in the name of crisis. To say it is “astonishing” is journalist malpractice at its core.

The reason why this administration has failed the economic, jobs and quite frankly public opinion is because he IS a socialist and more accurate is the fact his administration is filled with like minded un-American, anti free-market and anti-business people who hail from Unions, Universities and Community Organizer groups who have historically opposed the American Way.

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