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Happy Fourth of July - relfection after the article!

Ooh, socialist donuts!

Yesterday, I posted this article found in the Canadian on-line news site “The Globe”. I was so profoundly disgusted by this “revered and highly awarded” individual’s venomous take on America that I wanted everyone to read it for what it was – delusional.

The old axiom “chew on for a day before you decide” applies here because that is exactly what I did. Over breakfast, my wife and I discussed the article and as Americans the “bread and butter” issues we discuss over our mealtimes together should be a microcosm of what other patriotic, conservative Americans (who are the majority) discuss over meals, around water coolers at work and anywhere we congregate.

We are fiercely patriotic, Christian and ascribe to the embedded notion that America’s Constitution is to be revered, respected and followed. We believe in “legal immigration”, freedom, liberty and the vision that we are to leave America to our children in such a way that they will have more than we, when we depart.

We listen to Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin and the host of other conservative talk radio personalities who have stepped up to fill the void of information (truth) that our Main Stream Media refused to give us and most of all we consider ourselves active “tea party members”. That said, we have discussed the path that America has traveled and the trajectory it course has taken since the middle of Bush’s second term. That’s right, we believe that our discourse with the so-called conservatives began under Bush (we blame him). Though we applaud his handling of national security issues, we deride him for his blatant out of control fiscal policies and his misguided attempt to give amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The discourse discussions had quickly changed in tone and content with the election of Barrack Obama and the elevation of the Democrats in both the House and Senate. The tone of our talk was now of fear of transformation and the complete disintegration of America as we have come to love in our lifetime. The one thing that I have consistently told my wife in the discussion was that in the end “America will persevere”! I have told her that America (the men & women across the country) will never let it happen. I have told her that what we have taken for granted (freedom, liberty and the bedrock fundamental principles of our founding fathers) will reassert itself as the pressure from the socialist transformation tries to take hold. I liken the socialist dream of this transformation to that of a “splinter” in America’s body. It is foreign and festering and the body is in the process of rejecting it naturally as our body would reject a splinter. The body America simply does not accept these principles that have been forced into us because it goes against everything we have set into place in this experiment called America. The wound that began with corrupt and weak Republicans is now a fully blown infection that the Democrats have furthered with their lies, distortions and forceful thuggery. We Americans reject this and thus we are the anti-bodies fighting to reject this internal invader called “socialism”.

Now that a day has passed since I posted this article from Jeffrey Simpson I will address the content in the context of what I have just articulated:

"We can only hope that our American friends enjoy their national holiday weekend. Let them wave their flags, enjoy their picnics and show their love of country, because they need a holiday.

It is disturbing these days for the country’s friends to watch the Great Republic’s politics, to wonder about its economy, to tremble at its deficits, and to shake their heads at its Supreme Court that has struck down corporate contribution limits in politics and reaffirmed the right to bear arms, to the intense joy of the gun lobby.

This opening statement exposes the author quite profoundly as he is openly disdainful of the America in which my wife and I (as well as the majority of other American’s) ascribe. Mr. Simpson exposes his hatred for those who show national pride by his comment of flag waiving, picnics and love of country diatribe. He can only hope WE take a holiday from our beliefs because this is the underlying sentiment he talks of.

It is furthered by his next paragraph – his hostility towards our court for reaffirming two of our bedrock principles freedom of speech (corporate contributions in politics) and our right to bear arms. This is evident by the false and deceptive attack on business. The thing he does not understand or refuses to understand is that corporations are made up of people (individuals) and as such the freedoms of our constitution extend to them also. The other misunderstanding is the deflection of the intense joy to a “lobby group” when in fact it is the American public who is breathing a collective sigh of relief that the Supreme Court has finally placed our right to bear arms back into our arms as individuals. The left have tried to bastardize the legal system through legalese and legislative fiat to take away this right for many years now.

The United States gave itself the most gifted President in several generations, handed his party a majority in both houses of Congress, only to watch his presidency be swamped by the doleful legacy of the Bush years, a worldwide recession and its parlous aftermath, and a ferocious Republican opposition bent on a search-and-destroy mission of his presidency.

Once again Obama is the tip of the “splinter”. To call him the “most gifted President” in several generations is misguided. The over the top vocabulary he uses (Doleful and Parlous) underscore the continued hatred of Bush and the blame they continue to throw at his feet given the fact that he admits the majority status of his beloved Obama and his socialist brethren in both houses of Congress (since 2006). You can say Bush contributed to the out of control spending but the economy and its “parlous aftermath” are a direct result of the control of the Democrats since 2006 (remember its mid 2010) and the 4+ years of their legislation and largess. Finally, the ferocious opposition of the Republicans is not an apt description either. They have stood in a complete and unified voice of opposition to the Healthcare bill, cap and trade further bail out measures being forced upon America but to say we are “bent on a search and destroy mission” is melodramatic because the author equates “ferocious opposition” to personal destruction of the President.

To make matters worse, the war in Afghanistan, into which President Barrack Obama has poured thousands of additional soldiers and billions of borrowed dollars, is going poorly. As The Economist belatedly recognized this week, “America and its allies are losing in Afghanistan.”

The U.S. commander there, Stanley McChrystal, was sacked for impolitic remarks about various high officials in the Obama administration, a dismissal even the choleric Republicans did not criticize.

His replacement, David Petraeus, somehow has to salvage something from the Afghan mess, at a time when Americans are growing increasingly weary of that war, now into its ninth year.

The very best that Americans (and allies) might hope for is to inflict sufficient damage on the Taliban in the next year that some insurgents might be inclined to negotiate inclusion in an Afghan government. To say that this is a long shot understates the odds.

The Pakistanis are already assuming an American departure and defeat, and are therefore looking to strengthen ties with the insurgents and the Afghan government of Hamid Karzai, so that they, and not the Indians, will have a more important influence on the government in Kabul.

The “America is losing the war” rhetoric is a tired one. The fierce opposition the author describes in the section above this one disappears to show that McChrystal’s firing was a just one but he still couldn’t help but call the Republican “Choleric”. I especially liked the “Obama has poured thousands of additional soldiers” into the war when the truth is he was feckless, indecisive and had to be dragged into that decision against the wishes of his far left constituency.

The U.S., far away, burdened with debt, its public having turned against the war has already imposed a deadline for beginning some kind of withdrawal next year. Time is therefore running against the Americans, as are its allies, some of whom want out next year, including Canada, the Netherlands and Poland.

It is this Obama deadline that has emboldened the Taliban. The coalition of the unwilling “Canada, Netherlands and Poland” is the only ones he could cite for those who want out next year vs. finishing what we went their do.

What to do about Afghanistan will be the subject of intensive debate at year’s end, after the mid-term elections, the prospects for which colour everything in political Washington.

The mid-term elections do colour everything in political Washington, this much is true. It is the only thing keeping those Democrats who believe they have a modicum of a chance of re-election from doing anything stupid. But, once the elections are over and the Democrats (and left leaning Republicans) lose their majority then the lame ducks will be even more dangerous to America as they will have nothing else to lose and will not be bound to their constituents any longer.

It had been hoped, for example, by those who want action on climate change that the U.S. Senate might produce an energy and environment bill that the President could sign. Nothing seems likely now, given the stout opposition of the Republicans to any serious measures, including a cap-and-trade system. Democrats, too, are divided, with legislators from the coal- and oil-producing states protecting their industries. One of these Democrats just died, Senator Robert Byrd, a pork-barreler par excellence from West Virginia, who used to oppose action against acid rain.

Here the author is lamenting at the “global warming” failure to convince us argument. Again, the descriptor “stout opposition by Republicans” is humorous. At least he says that some Democrats also are divided, but he describes the opposition minded Democrats as “big oil and energy” lap dogs. The true description of those Democrats in opposition are “cowards” because they know their political lives are at stake because the majority of the opposition Democrats (Blue Dogs) are from and were elected by conservative constituents.

In this, as in much else, what happens or does not in the U.S. directly affects Canada. The Harper government has said it will follow any U.S. measures against greenhouse gas emissions. But if the U.S. Congress is unable to decide anything, what does the Canadian government do? Given the Harper government’s lassitude toward climate change action, this result might suit the Conservatives, if not the country.

The immense borrowing requirements of the U.S. – requirements that stretch over the horizon – are the single most destabilizing, or at least worrisome, of all the factors at play in the world’s economy. And no country is more exposed to the ups and downs of the U.S. economy than Canada.

Those U.S. borrowing requirements are daily sapping the influence of the U.S. worldwide, and heightening all the international uncertainties about deflation/inflation, high unemployment, sluggish growth, the volatility of the U.S. dollar.

Last weekend, Mr. Obama lent his name to a G20 declaration calling for halving deficits by 2013-14, a statement easy for him to make, but impossible for him to fulfill without congressional approval.

In the House and Senate, no appetite exists for doing more than nibbling at the edges of the deficit/debt problem, certainly not before the mid-term elections and very likely not thereafter. Without taking aim at the defense budget and considering higher taxes, all debate about the deficit/debt is an illusion wrapped in rhetoric.

As stated above, the economy is owned lock, stock and barrel by the Democrats who have been the majority in power since 2006 regardless of the blame Bush argument. The author again, is lamenting that he believes we Americans will not cut our defense budgets (a favorite of Democrats who want to decimate our military strength) and will not impose higher taxes (again a favorite of Democrats and socialists who are anti-business and pro government).

At the state level, governments constitutionally required to balance budgets are slashing everywhere: welfare, universities, health, children’s programs.

Corporate profits and industrial production are recovering in the U.S. That’s the good news. The discouraging news is that consumers remain hesitant, unemployment is high, the housing market remains awful, and the country’s fiscal situation is appalling.

This last section takes the cake! Again, the author has the disdain of our Constitution requirements. Notice the “slashing” everywhere comment is focused on the socialists four favorites (Welfare, Universities, Health and of course the oft mentioned “children’s” programs).

Finally, his information of corporate and industrial production recovery is another dishonest bone being thrown for the benefit of the “most gifted President of the last several generations” but the truth is what he ends with – “consumers remain hesitant, unemployment is high, the housing market remains awful, and the country’s fiscal situation is appalling.”

Happy Fourth of July to them. They need it."

What this article really transmits is the desperation before the death of the Democrat Socialist party of America just prior to the Mid-term elections. The Democrats and those aligned with them in the MSM (as is the author of the Globe article) are seriously depressed about their utopian dream unraveling before their eyes. It goes to show that America’s spirit cannot be lied, cheated or beaten into submitting to false and foreign behavior in the most cherished “Golden City of the Hill”! Lastly my wife has a suggestion for this particular author as well as the Democrats in General – “quit your daytime job!”

Jeffrey Simpson books (need I say more):

• 1980 - Discipline of Power, winner of the 1980 Governor General's Award for Non-Fiction.
• 1988 - Spoils of Power
• 1993 - Faultines, Struggling for a Canadian Vision
• 1996 - The Anxious Years
• 2000 - Star-Spangled Canadians
• 2001 - The Friendly Dictatorship
• 2007 - Hot Air: Meeting Canada's Climate Change Challenge (co-authored with Mark Jaccard and Nic Rivers)

Notice the progression of his writing:
Discipline of Power, Spoils of Power, Faultlines, Struggling for Canadian Vision, The Anxious Years, Star Spangled Canadians, The Friendly Dictatorship and finally Canada's Climate Change!

This lays out the socialist agenda in its timelines that mirror exactly what has transpired up to and including its failure to allure the masses.

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