Thursday, July 1, 2010

Petreaus Confirmed 99-0 in Senate exposes Democrats alliance with netroots!

Remember the infamous 2007 full page ad in the NY Times titled "General Peteaus or General Betray Us".  The ad generated much controversy and forced the democrats who, up until that point, overwhelmingly criticized the surge as a failure and the war -- well, lost -- to openly condemn the ad as over the top.  The vote condemning MoveOn was taken and two of the Democratic Presidential hopefuls chose not to vote.  Who were the two Democrats that chose not to condemn?  Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama!

In addition to Clinton and Barrack siding with MoveOn over Petraeus and our war effort we saw Harry Reid on CNN before the Congressional testimony on the surge in Iraq by Patraeus answering the CNN reporters question "will you believe Petreaus if he testifies the surge is working?" -- His answer - NO.

If you go to the MoveOn site to see the infamous ad today you will find that they have removed (scrubbed) it from their site because the narrative of the 99-0 confirmation of Petreaus does not fit with the Obama narrative.  They are attempting to rewrite history, again.

If anyone recalls the NY Times controversy on MoveOn did not end with the mere ad itself.  It was also learned that they (NYT) charged MoveOn 2/3rds less for this political ad over all others.

The confimation of Petreaus affirms that the Iraq war surge was a success and that the Democrats were on the wrong side of history.  This history is one that they and their MSM allies are busy scrubbing in search of a better narrative to support "Obama's stunning success in firing McCrystal in Afghanistan."

This also means that the success of the surge is a vindication of George Bush though you won't hear that being uttered anywhere on the left side of the isle.......

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  1. What you say is true but there has always been the alliance you allude to in the title.

    All this shows is what else is known, liberals being hypocritical for political expiedency.