Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Black Panther Party press conference

It was the racist George Bush and John McCain that prompted their call to intimidate voters and end up on the butt end of a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit, but it was the Black Eric Holder (their words not mine) that came to their rescue.  When will the jihaidst radical warrior wannabe's of the left ever learn that their words of celebration and in your face rhetoric will come back to bite you.....

The legal case is nowhere near being filed away in the dusty drawers of some Federal Courthouse basement.  The political fallout of a racial politicized dismissal and a two tiered Justice Department that will only uphold Federal Civil Rights laws when the offenders are White against Black is only beginning.  When the Justice Department dropped the case the Justice Department made erroneous and factually incorrect statements, on the record, about how high this decision went because we now now Holder and Obama were briefed. 

The uproar is only beginning to gain momentum in spite of the MSM non-reporting the issue.

Update:  If you need to see the true nature of this "terrorist organization" called the New Black Panther Party that the Holder, Obama Administration is attempting to roam free to intimidate and wage their own jihad, just look at the same individual (Shabazz) in 2002.  Remember that 9/11 occurred less than 1 year prior to this video clip:

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