Wednesday, May 20, 2009

GOP (“Gave-up On Principles”) embarks on National listening tour

Its time to replace the deaf leadership of Conservatism!
So, the GOP has compiled a “crack team” of leaders to travel the country to “listen” to what we have to say in an effort to “re-brand” the GOP.
With the MSM telling us that we are finished as a party and that we are adrift and bankrupt of ideas the GOP is fearful.
You could see the fear in our leadership when Michael Steele actually attacked Rush Limbaugh when he was telling his leadership that he hopes Obama’s socialist policies fail. The leftward tilt that our party has taken started long ago when our leaders strayed from the path that Ronald Reagan blazed but can be focused in the last ten years specifically in actions that ran counter to our platform and culminated with the John McCain Presidential primary win.
An a time that saw our country facing unprecedented financial troubles brewing our leadership puts forth John McCain (who had zip experience in anything financial). You have to ask yourself why McCain when the stronger candidate would have been someone who understands business. Yet we put forth an old “war hero” on the ticket. I am not saying that the former Governor of Massachusetts would have been the dream candidate because he too is poseur. Mitt Romney in many cases is just like Arlen Specter in that he has switched his positions on issues when it suited him politically which explains how a Republican won the Governorship in such a liberal bastion as the State of Massachusetts. At least he has experiences in Business and understands the complex world of economics.
The GOP actually believes that the party is adrift and Romney is one of those leaders that are touring and talking. Thing is, there are voices out here already that have been screaming to our leadership but they have been deaf to the voices and signs.How can our leadership say that they need answers of re-branding when all they have to do is listen to their emails, faxes and phone calls to hear what the people want? I think that maybe they were a little ignorant of some of this because the MSM treated the tea parties as a non-issues so they couldn’t get the message from the media (thus the emails, faxes and phone calls). The tour is nothing more than a ploy to say to us that they are listening but already have plans to move us to the left even further as a party. Our leaders bear a great deal of the responsibility for our failing economy. Congressional and Senate Republicans have sat idle when the left have placed programs and people in place (i.e., home loans to those who are not qualified; activist judicial appointees, etc) that sowed the seeds of economic statism that is nothing more than socialism.
If our leadership needs to know what we want they only need to look into the tea party crowds and read the signs. They only need to see that Californians rejected resoundingly any new taxes at the peril of that State moving into bankruptcy. They only need to see the recent poll that shows that the majority of America is “pro-life”. They only need to read the Obama’s administrations DHS report (Right Wing Extremist) to see what the left fears most and align their values to oppose those fears. What we want is smaller government, states rights, pro-life, anti-illegal immigration, Pro-2nd amendment and constitutional identity that does not impose back breaking taxation of our future generations and a business climate that promotes job growth.Politics have always been a dirty business and the democrats know how to play dirty and it is high time we emulate this model. We need to be actively demonstrating in the face of tyranny and socialism and the tea parties were a great start. Now our leadership needs to grow “a set” and fight against this tyranny by obstructionist and gorilla tactics in the House and Senate with every tool at their disposal because Obama and the socialist democrat party are in power and they are very active in our destruction.

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