Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Weekend at Bernies - Ted Kennedy is the Dems version of Bernie!

With the Democrats need to ram their filthy legislation down America's throat they continually dust off Ted Kennedy from his deathbed and shuttle him into Washington for his vote (they will probably continue this after his passing because we all know they love the "dead vote") like the movie character Bernie.
With the democracts nearing the "filabuster" proof Senate (except for Minnesota and the pesky illness of Kennedy) they are desperate in their attempts to keep the "bullet train moving forward at breakneck speed" of liberal socialist change.
The House and Senate just sailed through Obama's $3.55 trillion budget (once again shuttling in the ill Kennedy for his much needed "hanging chad") without a single republican vote in both chambers.
The democrats own this legislation lock-stock-and-barrell. In case you missed it, the legislation also includes a federal hate crime provision that now protects necrofiliacs, pedophiles and the like. That's right, protects their rights.
I guess the socialists in charge need their massive overhaul of the health care industry so they can get their hearing checked because it is obvious they didn't hear a single thing we screamed at them from the tea parties.

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