Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Time for a Republican “Colinectomy”

Powell’s assertion that he is a “Republican” is a lie!

Have you noticed recently that the former Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has been touring the country advising the population that the GOP needs to make a drastic left turn?

He has been advising the country that the GOP need not listen to Rush Limbaugh; Sean Hannity and former Vice President Dick Cheney. He is also insisting that in spite of the above detractors to modernization, he is a Republican. Right.

Colin Powell is saying that the Republicans need to be more like John McCain (moderate/left) in their beliefs to keep up with the Democrats. If that were the case, he should have voted for McCain instead of endorsing Obama.

I mean please, do you really think that we are buying the crap he is selling to us. Not in a million years. You see, we Republicans (and I mean the real ones and not the RINOs) have been able to spot a RINO a mile away with blinders on. We have had RINOs in our camp for quite awhile now and know who they are and what they are trying to do to our party and our beliefs vote by vote.

People like McCain, Powell and Specter were not the least bit convincing to those who hold Reagan like reverence to where we need to be.

It is exactly what Rush Limbaugh is about and why Dick Cheney is winning the debate against Obama on national security issues. After all, Dick Cheney is a Vice President has been and should have gone away after leaving office like all other Vice Presidents have done (with the rare exception of Al Gore but his popularity after office was because he ran for President) yet he is gaining traction because people know that the democrats and Obama are clueless.

So, I think it is time for a “Colinectomy” and remove this A*% H*$% from our political body once and for all. I do want to add that I think his military service was above reproach and thank him personally and sincerely for it.

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