Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Shame on you!", were the words of opponents to CA Supreme ruling

Gays and Lesbians stood outside the California Supreme Court today expecting to have Prop. 8 overturned by judicial fiat when a split decision was announced upholding the ban but making marraiges already performed legal.
I share the "shame on you" sentiment when the Supremes upheld the prior marraiges. The lobby for overturning the "voters will" told the crowd that they were quickly placing another ballot measure before the voters for the next election to overturn the prior vote.
Sometimes they just don't get it, three times the California majority passed the "one man, one woman" act and finally had to do the last one as an amendment to the CA constitution to keep the politicians and judges from circumventing the democratic process such a when California Attorney General Brown sided with the homosexual lobby and went against his own job mandate to uphold the legal will of the voters.
Let's hear it for states rights.
I wonder what the Governor and Obama will do when they get together on a bailout of the state? Will they make it a condition to repeal to get the money?
It say's alot about the ability of progressives to fail to push this into being in one of the most liberal states in the US. Maybe there is some hope for California yet!

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