Sunday, May 17, 2009

What if the Taliban overtakes Pakistan’s Government?

US assures that contingency plans are in place to secure its arsenal

Fox news reported today that JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) has plans to infiltrate Pakistan and secure their 35 nuclear weapons arsenal if Al-Qaeda or the Taliban overthrow the democratic government.

I have been wondering what are the Obama administration have plans to secure Iran’s nuclear arsenal?

Answer – No.

Which begs the second question, does the Obama administration have a plan to secure Israel’s nuclear arsenal should it fall as a result of the first question?

Answer – No.

Now, the $25 million dollar question – Does the Obama administration have plans to stop or disrupt any aggression that India may have when the country next door falls into the hands of Islamic terrorists?

Answer – No.

The Obama administration has telegraphed to the Islamic Terrorists that we (US) are truly the paper tigers that they have always believed we were. By coddling terror states, telegraphing our withdrawal from Iraq to our bullying Israel to cede to Obama’s dream to allow Hamas to live side by side with the tiny democratic state (two state solution) until Iran completes its bomb and end the Israeli problem for good.

The Mayan calendar has the year 2012 as the year the world will end and leave it to Obama to fulfill the prophecy because once Pakistan falls to Islamic terror the domino affect will be too much to deal with.

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