Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Obama wants to turn American into a "Swat Valley"

Maybe he can give his daughters to the militants!
If you want to see the face of Islam that Obama wants to release into our streets from the closure of Guantanamo Bay just look at what is happening in Pakistan Swat Valley where the terrorists have expanded into -- from the Northwest tribal areas refuge.
Though it can be said that there have been some positives coming from Obama's appeasement to the terrorists such as Pakistans current offensive against the Taliban (since they know America will not aid them in their fight with the current Administration of pansies and peaceniks).
Since Obama has taken the reigns of power, the world now knows that America will not have the stomach nor the fortitude to do what Bush did (take the fight to the enemy where ever they reside). As such, Pakistan has seen that without Washingtons help (including money that needs to be printed first) they will have to defend their own country from this scourge and have been killing the terrorist by the scores.So much so that the recent news coming from Swat has the Taliban pleading for the civilian population to return home and continue their lives.
Since the Taliban took the valley over 2MM civilian refugees have fled in fear for their lives. Maybe we can call it a desperate ploy because it were these same civilians that news reported the Taliban (beginning in 2007) were burning and beheading their way through Swat Valley. Which brings me to my comment about Obama giving one of his daughters over to the Islamic Terrorists he is insisting about bringing onto American soil. It was also reported that the Taliban, once in control of Swat, brought about Sharia law and forced girls and women out of schools and demanded that any girl that was over the age of 7 be married to the militants that took the beautiful resort valley.

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