Thursday, May 7, 2009

Show me the money - War funding bill lacks Guantanamo closure funds!

House Democrats led by Rep. Obey (that pronounced OH-BEE not OB-AY) sent their version of the War Funding Bill (which is $9 billion more than the President requested) to the Senate and did not contain one thin dime for the closing of the detention facility that the President has promised his terror allies around the globe.
Rep Obey stated that the President has not laid out his plan of the closure therefore no funds and if and when a plan materializes, come back and ask again (Obama requested $50 million from this budget to pay for the closure and transfer of detainees).
If Obama is disappointed that his campaign promise is dying on the vine as well as his administration going forward with the plans to inject those 17 Chinese terrorists into our society it is because there is fear of constituent backlash if something like a terror action perpetrated by one of these "harmless" gentlemen were to occur. These plans to inject these dangerous thugs into our society is done against the objections of DHS and Intelligence officials of Obama's own cabinets.
The Rich Galen article (CNS News) title "Obey doesn't Obey Obama" tells it perfectly:
"One of the many problems with moving all, or any, of the terrorists to U.S. soil is that every square inch of American soil in the Continental United States is represented by a Member of Congress and two Senators. And no Congressman or Senator is going to want to explain to his or her constituents why the guy mowing the lawn outside the county courthouse has 137 soldiers surrounding him with weapons at the ready.
According to the Associated Press, the military spending bill which David Obey's committee is deliberating is about $9 billion more than Obama requested. If, God forbid, America or American interests are attacked, Members of Congress want to be able to tell their constituents it wasn't their fault."

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