Wednesday, February 10, 2010

America’s Paradigm shift!

Democracy’s Petri dish!

Everyday Americans are awake and the ground is rumbling across the land. For a very long time now there has been a movement to erode America and transform it into something that was never intended.

Glen Beck has adroitly described this movement that call’s itself the “Modern Progressives”. Beck has correctly shown that it began with the Wilson Presidency and is now ending with the Obama Administration. I say ending because the tea party movement seeks to first stop its forward inertia (which they have done) and then to ultimately destroy it once and for all.

I find it ironic that the one promise that Obama has pledged (to “fundamentally change America”) is the only promise, to date, that he has accomplished. Albeit, not the one that he had envisioned. Instead, the change that has occurred is the rise of the “people’s voice” over the entrenched elected elites who have turned the Federal Government into an oppressive, corrupt and moral-less abyss that has every intent on the enslavement of the populace that they are suppose to serve.

It is equally ironic to imagine what would have happened if John McCain actually won the election over Obama. The big question is – “would the tea party movement been born”?

The tea party movement (us) has largely been ignored until our collective voices resonated above the din of the “echo chambers”. When our voices soared above this chamber it was then castigated as a dangerous, ideological movement akin to the KKK, Nazi’s, Mafia and Right Wing militia’s that the Timothy McVey’s emanated from.

Since the “echo chamber” has failed to marginalize us by first ignoring, then labeling us they have now resorted to fear tactics. They are now saying the tea party is the most powerful “third party” and will ensure that those who vote for them will erode the Republican pool and hand Democrats power for the next decade. Again, the “echo chamber” is dishonest and again it will fail to suppress the growing and collective voice of the American Public.

This voice, this bottom-up grass root voice is yelling to those who have an “R”, “D” or an “I” behind their given names – enough!

What we want is fiscal responsible behavior, constitutional adherence, bi-partisan cooperation, business growth, sustainable job markets and prosperity, less taxation, an open transparent political process and at no time bestow constitution rights to terrorists.

Since the internet revolution American’s now have the access to information that has countered what the MSM have been pushing. As a result the MSM has been exposed for their distortions of fact. To counter this loss of credibility the left has created fact check organizations that are funded by the George Soros and the William Ayers (former Weather Underground unrepentant terrorist) Annenberg Foundation. This dishonesty too has been exposed.

To counter this erosion our elitist leaders are desperate to control the message and are now threatening the “re-instatement” of the Fairness Doctrine. This over attempt to stifle free speech has only resulted in our concern of the agenda, thus, the louder our voices reach.

The paradigm shift will result in “taking America back” because the tea party movement is a true bi-partisan phenomena. The ranks are filled with Americans from all political affiliations and races. The upcoming elections will not just benefit the Republicans as the “echo chambers” proclaim. Those who are elected in 2010 will see victories by all political affiliations. For instance, if a Democrat wins a certain seat it will be because they ran on a platform that is most desirous of the tea party movement. The same goes for any Republican victors. This is why the “echo chamber” is so eager to paint the movement as a “third party spoiler”.

During the Bush Administration Democrats proudly exclaimed that “dissent” is the highest form of patriotism when they sought to end the wars, give terrorists “habeas corpus” rights, repeal tax cuts and put an end to enhanced interrogations. Now the “echo chambers” are calling the dissenting voices of the tea party movement dangerous as well as un-patriotic. The ruling elites on both sides of the spectrum are increasingly agitated and fearful of the coming shift back to us, the people. Once the people put in place those who share our concerns in the halls of government we will see a highly functional, bi-partisan governmental body that listens and governs in the way America’s Founding Fathers envisioned.

The world will be able to look upon America as the “Shining City on the Hill” and our US Constitution will once again guides our hearts, minds and hands.

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