Friday, February 5, 2010

The “One term, diaper clad” Senator Franken is crying mad!

Franken’s seat is safest in Senate, for now.

The not-so-funny former comedian diaper wearing, liberal cry baby has had a rowe with David Axelrod over the White House handling of Cap & Trade, Health Care and other socialist agenda failures.

He obviously is oblivious of his hand in the demise of “Air America” because he wants the same fate for “All America” – bankruptcy!

He has latitude because his six year seat is still fresh and is not one up for re-election in November and is vocal about the failure to deliver his cherished socialist dream legislation instead of focusing on his own party members who have, er had, absolute control over their own legislation regardless of any opposition by Republicans.

Me thinks he needs to don the SNL persona of the character that constantly “reaffirms” his feelings because he really needs to lie to himself now.

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