Wednesday, February 3, 2010

An olive branch to terrorist while smashing republicans with an iron fist!

Obama to Republicans – “We extend a hand and get a fist in return."

Obama to Terrorists – “will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist."

Obama’s speechwriter is either getting lazy, or he is comparing Republicans with Terrorists. The quote to Republicans was made by Obama to the Senate Democrat Strategy Conference on Wednesday. The quote below it was made to Muslim Extremists (terrorists) during Obama’s first State of the Union address a week earlier.

The two quotes, though similar, announce that they have a higher willingness to cooperate to terror than their Republican opposition. When you look at the statements the harsher words are reserved for Republicans.

More importantly, the statements show the President and his speechwriters have not received the message from America. This dishonest fact is that Obama did not extend his metaphorical hand to Republicans across the aisle, he swung his fist. Yet, the statement to radical extremism is quite honest indeed.

Obama and his team made similar statements in explaining to his Democrat brethren in the House and Senate during the Congressional recess last year when he used the “fist” metaphor telling them to “punch back twice as hard when the town halls did not go as smoothly as they anticipated.

I think that Americans wish this Administration would take the same “hard line” tactics against terror that they do with the opposition party here on our shores.

In this speech today “Obama urged Democrats to push legislation that, above all else, will help people get jobs. He encouraged them to avoid the temptation to "tread lightly, keep your head down and play it safe."

The session came as part of broad outreach by Obama — to his party, his political opposition and a disgruntled public — as he seeks to get his agenda back on track.

Yet Obama used particularly harsh language toward Republicans, part of a deliberate strategy to be more combative with the opposition party. He chided Republican senators for, in his view, trying to gum up the works and routinely using the filibuster tactic.

He said Democrats in 2009 had to cast more votes to overcome that procedural delay than were needed in the 1950s and 1960s combined. "That's 20 years of obstruction packed into just one," he said.”

The Associated Press describes “the session as part of broad outreach to his party, his political opposition and the disgruntled public.”

In the article, the very next paragraph states “Obama used particularly harsh language toward Republicans, part of a deliberate strategy to be more combative with the opposition party.”

Wow, what a great and broad outreach strategy they have there! It shows that the Democrat strategy of outreach is to be more combative which falls into the philosophy of Andy Stern who openly states that SEIU will use the “power of persuasion and if that does not work then they will use the persuasion of power to achieve their goals”.

This example of Stern is reflective of the town hall meetings (power of persuasion) Democrats held to try to coax the public towards their agenda and when it started to back fired on them in came the “purple shirts” to pack subsequent town halls with thugs (persuasion of power) to “punch back twice as hard”.

The violence that ensued when the purple shirts arrived was disturbing, yet typical for the left wing organized labor unions.

It is a shame that the SEIU and the AFL-CIO cannot be put on the front lines of the terror fight with their baseball bats and thuggish behavior because we could use a little of the muscle for that battle instead of the one we aren’t getting from this Administration.

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