Monday, February 15, 2010

This is the era of bi-partisan cooperation!

Contrary to Democrat claims, both parties are in-synch!

The Obama Healthcare bill has been, since the start, a singular Democrat party effort. The backroom negotiations, the locked conference rooms, even the deal cutting in the halls of the White House has all taken place without any input from the Republican Party but not without trying to.

Throughout this non-transparent process of ramming speed bill writing without benefit of being able to read what has been hammered out has largely backfired as the tea party movement has had this whole shebang in their sights.

The Republicans, from the get-go have stood in opposition to most of the legislation that this Administration hails as their centerpieces. Cap and Trade, Health Care Overhaul, Union Card Check and others have been rejected on the right side of the isle.

Today, we learn that longtime Senator Evan Bayh is not seeking re-election and in his departure speech has taken the liberty to take a parting shot at the non bi-partisan efforts of the Republican Party. It is equally important to note that the announcement today is one of a string of Democrats that have made the same announcement to retire.

Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT), Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-RI), Marion Berry (D-AK) as well as Byron Dorgan (D-ND) have made their retirement announcements.

According to Big Government – “Then there’s Michigan Democratic Lt. Governor John Cherry’s decision to end his floundering bid for governor. Colorado Governor Bill Ritter is also retiring. Not to mention the stunning late December party switch by freshman Alabama Representative Parker Griffith — just to mention a few.”

We cannot forget the Democrat loss in New Jersey when Chris Christie beat John Corzine and immediately began to anger Democrats when he declared a “fiscal emergency” and began to make drastic cuts.

Then, there is Virginia where another Republican (McDonnell) beat the incumbent Governor and last but not least was Republican Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts. In every instance, the victories were decided by the people who reject Obama and his agenda. This is the same agenda that the Republicans have battled (because they have listened to the people) Obama since inauguration. The only problem with the Democrats claiming the Republicans as the “party of no” is that there are quite a few Democrats that have sided with the Republicans against this agenda.

In my book, that is bi-partisanship at its finest and for the right reasons. The only ones who don’t get the bi-partisan idea are the ones who are bailing from the fight they would be facing in the 2010 elections instead of standing up for their own principles, whatever they may be.

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