Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Obama’s Football metaphor!

The NY Times ran a story today covering a town hall meeting that Obama attended that was meant to “stump for jobs bill” and during this stump, pushed his “health care” bill. He said the following:

His town-hall-style meeting at a local high school here was the fifth time he had taken questions from an audience or over the Internet in 12 days, and he rejected the notion that the Massachusetts election doomed the health care overhaul.

“Suddenly everybody says, ‘Oh no, it’s over,’ ” Mr. Obama said in mocking tones. “Well, no, it’s not over. We just have to make sure that we move methodically and that the American people understand what’s in the bill.”

The strong emphasis on health care came a week after he did not mention it until deep into his State of the Union address, and he seemed intent on erasing any doubts about his commitment.

“We had to go into overtime,” Mr. Obama said. “But we are now in the red zone. That’s exactly right. We’re in the red zone. We’ve got to punch it through.”

So Obama thinks his offense is in the Red Zone and primed to score. The actual reality is that it is his Defense that is in the Red Zone getting ready to be scored upon!

Better yet, I would use a better metaphor that shows Team Obama is actually running the wrong direction, ala the 1964 Minnesota Vikings Jim Marshall famous fumble return the wrong direction (see clip above).

This is reality or a more fitting metaphor.

The only reason why Marshall has not made it into the Football hall of fame was because of this mistake. It is Obama’s mistake that will usher him into the Presidential “hall of shame”!

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