Saturday, February 27, 2010

Democrats answer to Rush was Air America…..

Progressives answer to Tea Party is “Coffee Party”……

Leave it to a bunch of Progressives that could not handle the true grass root explosion against the intrusion of big government by opponents that called themselves “the tea party” (after the historical event that occurred in Boston in the 1700’s) to attempt to mimic success, badly.

The problem is that the Progressives never have good ideas to counter those who do. The title of this article is the first example and was the catalyst that started the “brewing” of discontent among the electorate to the socialist agenda. Rush Limbaugh was the first to start conservative talk radio into the stratosphere because of his honest and honed message that brought the truth to the airwaves and woke America up from its slumber. The Liberal Progressives have since had Limbaugh in their crosshairs and have tried everything to silence his appeal. They have failed and have largely resorted to just calling him fat and drug addled. The Progressives thought that all they had to do was throw a lot of money at Air America and voila, they would get their vitriol and propaganda out during “drive home” time, but they failed as usual. I mean please, Al Franken and Randy Rhodes as commentators was the first sign of trouble. In the end even money wasn’t enough to keep the whole listening audience (12) afloat.

Now, here we are again with another anti-democrat success story that the Progressives have tried to demean, destroy and disqualify into oblivion, again to no avail. So, taking another page from their first failed play book with Air America they have decided to start their own party – the coffee party!

The Progressive “coffee” movement has a motto – “Progress is patriotic, they tell the camera. Wake up. Espresso yourself. Something is brewing, America. “ – pathetic and cliché.

First problem with this is that there is no American historical significance to the idea. Leave it to the socialists to utilize a European revolutionary idea. For instance “in 1785, the coffee revolt broke out in Prussia because coffee consumption was restricted to the nobility, the clergy and high officials?”

Now this sounds like a Progressive notion of revolution against the Rich, the Church and elitist officials (well maybe not the latter).

Again, “the infamous French Revolution was born in French Cafes? It happened in 1789 when the Parisians, spurred on by Camille Desmoulin's verbal campaign, took to the streets and two days later the Bastille fell, marking the overthrow of the French Government and changing France forever.”

We can give them credit for one thing though, as a result of the “Boston tea party”, which was done to protest high taxes (which is not high on the Progressives list of causes) the American colonists switched from drinking tea to drinking coffee. To do so was considered to express “freedom”. But, honestly do we really think this is their motivation? Of course not!

The reason for this new movement is -- “The snowballing response made her the de facto coordinator of Coffee Party, USA with goals far loftier than its oopsy-daisy origin: promote civility and inclusiveness in political discourse, engage the government not as an enemy but as the collective will of the people, push leaders to enact the progressive change for which 52.9 percent of the country voted in 2008.”

Reading the manifesto above you can only surmise that this movement will not get out of the “corner” coffee bar and into the streets as a serious movement. The 52.9% that they refer to in 2008 has already joined the ranks of the tea party movement. In this case, the “Coffee Party” will go the way of Air America because it is now a sign of “freedom” to switch from drinking coffee to tea.

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