Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Here comes that tiny Texas Billionaire with Big ideas again!

A true American patriot will again voice his opinion!

In 1992, it is said, that the elder Bush lost the election because Ross Perot siphoned off 19% of the conservative vote as an independent candidate. I voted for Perot! The choice between the man that marched American troops to the edge of Baghdad and stopped before toppling Sadaam or an unknown Democrat named Bill Clinton cemented my vote for Perot. I was sure back then that America needed to be run like a business (as I do today) and not like some mafia organization with dual sets of books and creative accounting gimmicks and Ross Perot was the man to do it.

To help mold my decision was Perot’s actions from the private sector to do what the Politicians in Washington would not when it came to rescuing 2 of his EDS employees from Iran in 1979 (just prior to the Iranian Revolution) in a daring prison escape which was highlighted in the Ken Follett book titled “On Wings of Eagles”.

After near seclusion from giving any press conferences since his last Presidential election attempt he has now come forward to tell us he will be launching a personal web-site of his own. Yes, if you are curious, it will be full of charts and graphs that made him famous. Hopefully that “big sucking sound going southbound” will be Obama’s approval rating dropping even further. Perot made his fortune with his brilliant ideas on the back of data systems and retrieval which makes him uniquely qualified to digest and interpret what ails America. His voice has been sorely missed and his opinions are highly respected and regarded.

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