Wednesday, March 24, 2010

“Obamacare will eventually control the people”

From Dingell’s lips to Gods ears!

The “Chairman Emeritus of the Committee on Energy and Commerce” was caught on audio tape uttering the words to a fellow Democrat “Obamacare will eventually control the people”.

One of the main themes that Glen Beck has championed for any and all to hear is that this massive Government takeover of 1/6th of the American economy through this legislation is because the Marxists (Democrat Leadership) want the power over our lives.

As a result, Beck has had his life threatened and the net roots on the left have attacked this prediction as “extreme right wing hatred rhetoric”.

Now that this life controlling legislation has passed through underhanded political maneuvering and outright bribes with the peoples money the lawsuits are streaming in from ¼ of the US States Attorney Generals (with more predicted in their wake).

Democrats, fearing the legislation will be overturned before the ink dries on this corrupt and Marxist move, a full court press has ensued to label those in opposition (Republicans and Tea Party grassroots) racists.

Unsubstantiated claims by black lawmakers were treated to racist remarks and were spit upon when entering the chambers by tea party protesters got momentum when Fox News Bill O’Reilly repeated the claims without providing a scintilla of proof to corroborate the claim. Immediate outcry poured into Fox phone lines and emails forcing O’Reilly to issue a clarification (spin in a “no spin zone”) to explain away his laziness and bias.

It is no wonder why O’Reilly hitched his wagon to the ever growing popularity of Glen Beck to travel the country with him in their “road show”.

Dingell took over his father’s seat, who by the way was the first Democrat to introduce the first health care bill ever introduced for Congress consideration.

The arrogance of the Marxist is on display because they truly cannot contain their exuberance in the victories towards tyranny.

We have, in last few weeks alone have heard Al Sharpton declare that “America knew they were voting for Socialism when they elected Obama”.

We have heard Nanci Pelosi joking that “in order to see what’s in the Legislation we will have to vote on it first”.

We have heard from Alcee Hastings (D-FL), who by the way was impeached from the Federal Judicial bench for corruption and perjury to eventually find a home in the Congress, say “We have no rules here; we make them up as we go along”! Hastings, a member of the House Rules Committee bragging there are no “rules here”.

Finally we must not forget Joe Biden’s “F” bomb when whispering in Obama’s ear after the signing of the legislation.

He was right, this is big but not in the manner in which they revel in their short lived victory because America is angered at this usurping of our Constitution by a bunch of ex-1960’s radicals that are intent on toppling this great nation to replace it with Obamazuela.

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