Thursday, March 11, 2010

Obama ancestors unearthed in Kenya!

Proof, beyond a shadow of doubt that he is a giant political figure!

In a remote desert area within Kenyan borders archiologists were following leads to the resting place of ancestors of Barack Obama. It all began in a coffee shop in Mubassa when an archiologist named Kirit Dubois had an interesting conversation with a local vendor who had described a very detailed and colorful tale about the man most Kenyans call one of their own.

Dubois, who was wrapping up another dig in the area at the time was struck by the accuracy of the details he heard and upon further discussion thought an exploratory trip to the area was worth investigating. Utilizing modern day Satellite imagery and GPS technology unheard of in earlier times, Dubois set off in a rattling Range Rover along with a team of collegues with the man who weaved the tale.

After 3 days of searching the area they hit the jackpot and found that a tribe of Giant humans that date back thousands of years had once thrived in a utopian, collective society until their ultimate demise at the hands of Religious zealots.

The dig had remained secret since its inception in 2008 until enough of the remains could provide a sample for DNA testing which was completed in mid 2009 and due to Mr. Obama’s tough and tight schedule, his sample for comparison was finally obtained to confirm that he is directly related to these Giants.

Rahm Emanuel commented that he was pleased that proof is finally delivered that his boss IS a giant among men but added that he knew this all along as well as a hugh following of his supporters. Mr. Emanuel was quick to add that though the remains were found in Kenya it does not prove that his boss was born there.



Disclaimer:  These photos are an obvious hoax and this article is meant for political satire!  Just because these Giants have not been discovered it does not mean Obama believes his is a Giant of a man.

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