Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Democrats just sealed their political fates.

Republicans continue their solid opposition with help of some Democrats!

Now, let the political bloodbath begin. There is not a rock, corner, closet or hiding place that they will be able to run to now that they have boldly usurped the will of the American people.

The absolute abuse of power and the arrogant “in your face” elitist attitudes that the majority has exhibited against the majority of Americans is, well, stunning in its display.

The floor speech that Rep. John Boehner gave before the so called “historic vote” was, in my opinion as electrifying as the speech that Zell Miller gave at the Republican Convention. Boehner’s relentless opposition as the Republican point person has elevated his own political clout as well as Rep. Paul Ryan.

When the Republicans take back the majority of the House of Representatives in November, which I will boldly prognosticate here and now, because the anger of America public will reach a crescendo there is some serious Congressional investigations that need to occur.

Here is my list:


The promises made to Joe Sestak by the White House

The promises made to Brad Stupak by the White House

The foreign campaign contributions made to Obama

A line by line scrutiny of the HC bill and who was paid off in the way of bribes for support of their yes votes

Complete investigation into influence peddling of Unions and the benefits they received for their financial support

Investigation of the Presidents ties to William Ayers, ACORN and the Chicago/Illinois political machine

Investigation into the Presidents appointment of Czars and the constitutionality of them

Investigation into the expenses and trips made by Senate/Congressional Democrats and their use of military assets for personal use

Investigation into the "State Department Passport breach" and the subsequent murder of the sole cooperating witness in DC

The list of course is still ongoing and anyone who wants to add to this thought process is free to do so……

Can you say “Three hots and a cot”?

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  1. When the truth finally comes out, it will be like the public waking up after a long bender of pills and booze. It will hurt like hell and they'll wonder how they could have ever believed what they did.