Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The “Shining City on the Hill”

American democracy, the shining example of freedom!

Tea Party expands across the “Pond”!

Liberal UK Media attacks the idea with fervor!

It is a unique time in America. There have been times in our history where the uniqueness of our freedom that many here have taken for granted over time, faced down tyranny. These tests have normally resulted in American intervention overseas at pivotal moments when no others had the resources, courage or fortitude to confront the evils.

We have had moments where we had to fight these evils internally, at great sacrifice and as such were able to stand on the shoulders of those who were strong and determined.

The world watched as a historical moment in the American experiment elected its first black President and like us began to realize that internal forces are ripping apart the fabric that once made us great.

The world has watched and they have asked aloud – “how could America allow a Marxist tear down all that has been achieved”?

In the first year of the Obama administration we have witnessed the rise of tyranny in the policy decisions and political appointments and the general anti-business climate that has torn away massive chunks of our free market system. The world has watched while some applauded our decline and others have reacted in disbelief and horror of the swift decline.

There is one thing that the world has also watched, in fascination and wonder during this tumultuous period and that is – the power of the people over government. While Obama and his Marxist fellow travelers are busy doing their dirty work of destroying America, the people have risen (in the form of tea party’s and town hall protests) and have planted themselves between the tyrannical aspirations of Obama and the ruling elites that represent us.

It was only a matter of time before the idea of freedom from a tyrannical government hopped a tramp steamer and arrived in Europe to spread the ideals and hopes of a grassroots movement.

In order to deflect the effects that the will of the people, the true spirit of the tea party movement has managed to convey, the article has found every single negative connotation used in the American media as well as the left leaning politicians to try to suppress the growing support.

The article focuses on a single political race in Texas that has largely been between the incumbent Rick Perry and another Republican Kay Bailey-Hutchinson. The most interesting aspect that did not get mentioned in this race is that it is taking place between Republicans. This aspect is worth noting as it will undoubtedly show what level of “conservatism” this party is striving for. We know, for instance, the races in Virginia New Jersey and Massachusetts were a direct result of the tea party movements disfavor with the Democrats and their policies of higher taxes and oppressive rule. Those races had a distinct difference than the race in Texas because the candidates as well as the incumbent are republicans.

As Republicans go, both Perry and Hutchinson are considered conservatives. Rick Perry recently made headlines when he talked about Texas succession from the Federal Government. The problem that plagues Governor Perry is his continued support of “eminent Domain” regarding the Texas Corridor Project to build a highway that will stretch from Mexico to Canada. While “slick Rick” says he is for protecting landowner rights against the forced takeover of private property from Government he masks his words in such a way to make it look good while the truth is it only codifies the Governments ability to grab private land if it is deemed for “public use”. His website shows the slick nature of his words:

“Next, we need to pass further legislation that protects landowners from other abuses of eminent domain.

Government shouldn’t use eminent domain to take someone’s land without trying to buy it from them first. It is wrong for any government to make a lowball offer, then respond to an owner’s righteous refusal by taking the land.

The government owes land owners a genuine good-faith negotiation, not a land grab. I am pleased that Representative Orr and Senator Duncan are working on legislation that will better protect our landowners.

We should also implement Representative Jackson’s constitutional amendment that the voters have already adopted. It allows a landowner to buy back land when it isn’t used for the project it was taken for…and buy it for the price the government paid for it, not its value on today’s market.”

Rick Perry tries to hide his support for the willful grabbing of private land in fluffy sounding language.

“Government shouldn’t use eminent domain to take someone’s land without trying to buy it from them first. It is wrong for any government to make a lowball offer, then respond to an owner’s righteous refusal by taking the land.”

So, according to this philosophy it is OK for the government as long as they try to buy it first.

Further, he states:

“That increase in value belongs to the landowner, not the government, and the landowner shouldn’t have to pay extra to get it back.

Without action on these additional protections, private property rights will be eroded, and undermine the very character of our state.”

Bottom line: the government has no right to take anyone’s land for non-public uses and no amount of arguing will change that fact.”

In his “bottom line” analogy he uses the wording “for non-public uses” so in essence his support for the land grab for his Texas Corridor Project is a “public use” nature and therefore eligible for eminent domain. The big question here and one that echo’s in the “Supreme Court Kelo decision” is who decides what “public use” is? In Kelo, the “public use” argument was the city’s tax coffers would be greater than a private home therefore it was in the “publics best interest”, through taxation that forced Kelo from her home and gave the property to a private company for development. In case anyone is interested, the company that ultimately received Kelo’s land never developed it into the “tax” generated purpose for which the land was proposed and to this day the property is vacant and blighted (yet Kelo’s home was bulldozed into oblivion first).

Per the Associated Press -- ” Kelo and six other homeowners fought for years, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. In 2005, justices voted 5-4 against them, giving cities across the country the right to use eminent domain to take property for private development.

The decision was sharply criticized and created grassroots backlash. Forty states quickly passed new, protective rules and regulations, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Some protesters even tried to turn the tables on now-retired Justice David Souter, trying unsuccessfully in 2006 to take his New Hampshire home by eminent domain to build an inn.

In New London the city's prized economic development plan has fallen apart as the economy crumbled.

Notice the terminology “grassroots backlash”! The Kelo decision was one piece of the “tea party” birth dynamic.

The new kid on the block Debra Medina is running her campaign much like Brown did in Massachusetts on the tea party platform of ideas as well as the tireless ground she is covering meeting Texans face to face, door to door and as a result -- She is surging in the polls.

The world has witnessed the decline of power of a Democrat majority in the US Senate and House in spite of the superior numbers they hold over Republicans. The reason for this toothless Democrat majority is not lost on those in other countries around the globe and that is the “power of the will of the people”. They are watching in fascination and watching closely at how it is being done here and it is only a matter of time before people throw the “yoke” of socialism off their necks to achieve the individual freedom that we have laid out as the example. Though America has been weakened financially, militarily and politically she has maintained her strength of freedom to keep tyranny at bay. The world is watching as Obama fails in his quest because the people are smart and they are now engaged. The world wants what we have and now the UK is following our example by organizing their first tea party. Freedom is contagious and once started it will be hard to stop because it is the individual that has the power over the elites.

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