Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The reckoning!

A stark look at the big picture!

I sat down to take stock of the events and path for this push the Democrat Party has embarked America on in their quest for Universal Health Care Coverage. I tried to sit down and look at the big picture, to see past the partisan clamoring (or din if you will) that is emanating in the echo chambers of the news coverage.

To do this I needed to ask myself a few questions first and hope that I myself did not fall within my own category of political belief.

When George W. Bush was President and 9/11 occurred our elected leaders sought out to achieve a level of National Security through a multi-pronged approach of seeking out this elusive enemy by offensive means (“smoking the terrorists out of their caves”) and updating our own internal laws to keep pace with technology that they employed (cell phones, computers and advanced communications monitoring).

During this period the Democrats and their allies in the media (New York Times, LA Times, CBS, MSMBC, CNN, etc) worked very hard to expose these “Top Secret” programs (interrogation techniques, secret prisoner rendition flights, bank monitoring programs and email/cell phone eavesdropping) to the public in order to discredit the Administration.

Why do I mention this as part of my big picture look? Because, this push for Health Care is not a “national security” issue yet the same players who exposed national secrets in the press and on the Legislative floors during our “war on terror” are so secretive in their efforts to keep this Health Care Legislation information from the public it is a good and prudent question to ask.

Why do they operate in total darkness in this non security issue when they shine lights in every corner on sensitive intelligence information?

Next, the level of focus given to this Health Care bill over every other issue both foreign and domestic is troubling on many fronts. Every poll, including polls by liberal water carrying outlets, have shown conclusively that the support has always eroded from the beginning to the point that the majority of Americans of all political persuasions do not want this bill.

Also, despite an overwhelming objection from the constituents they press on. Once again you have to look at this tunnel vision and compare it to the past. With our economic situation in tatters and 10% of Americans out of work (30,200,000 million) and two wars being prosecuted abroad the Democrats will not let this issue go.

They spew the liberal anti-business rhetoric of “big insurance companies = bad”, “big pharmacy companies = evil” and horror stories of poor people being denied life saving health care. They insist that it is our duty and our utmost priority to “fix the system” and give this responsibility to those who are responsible for the failures of the Post Office, Social Security, Medicare and literally every other government run program.

They complain that the Republican Party is evil because of their partisan efforts to thwart this Legislation. They have labeled them the party of NO. The Democrats do this when they had an absolute majority in the House and Senate where they enjoyed the strength of overcoming all obstacles due to this majority. They had the power to stop any filibuster or over-ride any “Presidential veto” (as if that would happen).

Yet, it is the opposition within their party that has stopped this Legislation from becoming the law of the land. It has become so unpopular to some Democrats that some of them are starting to announce their retirements ahead of the mid term elections because they are trailing in polls so badly. Their own political destinies have become so toxic because of their support for this legislation they have personally chose flight vs. fight for re-election.

The legislation is so bad and so unwanted that the Democrats have had to resort to bribing some legislators with serious amounts of money for their states like Nebraska (Corn Husker Kickback) or Louisiana (The Louisiana Purchase). In addition, this was pre-empted by bribes to big Pharma and the Medical Association Leadership (including AARP) and concession carve outs to Big Labor Unions with the “taxation of their Cadillac Plans”.

Finally the last piece of the big picture is the length that the Democrat Leadership is taking to pass this unwanted legislation through unprecedented means. We first heard of the rhetoric that “elections have consequences” when they held a 60 seat super majority in the Senate. Then we heard that the leadership would employ the “nuclear option” against Republican filibuster threats when they lost the 60 seat majority. Though they still have not overcome the internal party hurdles in getting this legislation past a vote due to eroding support we have heard the term “reconciliation” thrown about. Then they learn that if they utilize this arcane procedure (which only applies to Tax and Budget items) they will lose a lot of the portions of the bill that do not apply to this maneuver they have now started talking of changing the rules which the press has dubbed “the Slaughter Rule” after the “Chairman, House Rules Committee Slaughter”.

Now, we hear Pelosi pulling out yet another ace up her sleeve to force this legislation through without any votes being taken at all. According to the Washington Post – “

The tactic -- known as a "self-executing rule" or a "deem and pass" -- has been commonly used, although never to pass legislation as momentous as the $875 billion health-care bill. It is one of three options that Pelosi said she is considering for a late-week House vote, but she added that she prefers it because it would politically protect lawmakers who are reluctant to publicly support the measure.

"It's more insider and process-oriented than most people want to know," the speaker said in a roundtable discussion with bloggers Monday. "But I like it," she said, "because people don't have to vote on the Senate bill."


The Democrats keep this legislation more secret than they have historically our “national security” secrets.

The Democrats are unable to sway the American public, Republicans and even members of their own party opinions of passing this bill in spite of overwhelming majorities in both the House and Senate.

The Democrats resort to bribing industries, lobby groups and certain elected officials to garner some support.

The Democrats, when losing their super majority in the Senate threaten to utilize a procedural maneuver called “reconciliation” to pass the bill without a vote but are not content with that move due to losing portions of the legislation that do not fit the procedure (forced purchasing of insurance, abortion provisions, etc).

The Democrats now are talking about rewriting the House Rules to pass the legislation without a vote, but are now abandoning that tactic and replacing it with a stronger tactic called the “self-executing” rule that will protect those Democrats who will not vote for the bill despite extreme pressure from Democrat lobby groups, the White House and member of their own party.

The extreme left of the Democrat Party is hell bent on passing this legislation in spite of the impossibility of it through our democratic processes. I read an interesting article yesterday titled “What If” – “What if the Health Care bill passes”?

“First, there will be the reaction of the majority obviously mad as hell that the Constitution has been shredded, the rule of law has been neglected, and the wishes of a Marxist president have trumped common sense! Then there will be the reaction from the MSM which will serve to accentuate the positive (outright lies and fantasy projections) and ignore the negatives.

From the vast majority of Americans we will see a variety of displays of anger. Tea Party membership will soar, the GOP will blast away using every ally in the media, and November should be a bloodbath for the Democrats.

There will be legal battles and perhaps even the Supreme Court will get into the Constitutional aspects of such an intrusion of the federal government into the private sector. But then again, Government Motors exists as does a near monarchy that can dictate salaries and conditions of those running businesses in what used to be the land of free enterprise. You may have heard that once Health Care Reform becomes law and part of the federal bureaucracy that will be forever. Don’t bank on it! (Oh, I forgot about the government control of the banking industry.)

The Dems will get their prize, the rest of us get crappy healthcare. And if you don’t buy the federal health plan you may go to jail—where you will get free health care. Now that makes sense!”

What If Health Care Doesn’t Pass?

First we will see the Barack Obama Vacation Tour. BHO will have his landmark legislation beaten back—and will use it as a crying towel for the remainder of his one term. But even trying reconciliation to ram it through—trying to push it on America in spite of its unpopularity—will leave a bad taste for many that will linger all the way to the midterm elections. Either way, those who do not heed the voice of the people will hear the deafening clicks of the voting machines registering solid “R”s in a few months.

There are many scenarios we could predict but I leave that up to the readers. Americans reaction to a year plus of Obama has run the gamut from utter despair to unchecked anger. Whatever emotional level you’re at my advice to you is simple: Whether Health Care reform passes of not, GET EVEN!

But do so within the confines of the system which has yet to be dismantled by the socialist forces hard at work in Washington. Continue to gather your news and information from credible sources like CFP and other outlets which owe nothing to the federal government.

The Democratic Party today is setting the stage for its own obsolescence. There is much work to do before November and before 2012. There will be a massive cleanup effort needed beyond Obama’s one term. But it will be a work of joy and relief and restoration.”

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