Monday, February 1, 2010

Tea Party Platform – “Contract from American”

No, not Newt Gingrich’s “Contract for America”!

One thing is abundantly clear the “tea party” movement has arrived on a “bullet train” from all points America to Washington, DC. Polls have shown that the movement has, in one short year, overtaken both established parties in popularity.

That’s right that includes the Republican Party. The movement that the Republicans chose to ignore when they endorsed Scarafazza over Hoffman until the 12th hour has shown that slowly, they too are getting the message. The message that the Democrats have been openly deriding and defiling in hopes of its quick death are not entirely lost on the GOP.

Again, too late to the party, the GOP finally backed Brown at the 12th hour (better late than never?). The true litmus test for the GOP will be in who they will back publicly in 2010. For instance, John McCain has announced his intentions to seek re-election in 2010. The question is – will the GOP endorse him or his rival JD Hayworth? If they choose McCain then they obviously did not get the “contract from America”.

Americans, especially conservative Americans are fed up with “socialist light” candidates such as McCain. The American conservative movement did not want McCain as the Republican standard bearer against Obama and did not become enthusiastic until the true Conservative (Palin) was announced as his running mate.

So, the GOP has a problem in Arizona. Do they stand behind the “Maverick” who has voted on conservative issues on the socialist side of the isle or put their money and power behind the true conservative in Hayworth.

To emphasize this liberal Republican you only have to go as far as “McCain/Feingold” and the subsequent SCOTUS overturning and the love affair McCain has with Illegal Immigrant Amnesty.

McCain was wrong (constitutionally so) on McCain/Feingold and was on the wrong side of the Amnesty argument. It can be said that the arousal of the tea party movement can be tracked back to the immigration issue and the overwhelming opposition to the Democrats as well as Republican effort to ram that down America’s throat. The will of the people stopped that in its tracks.

So, 2010 will be telling in many ways. Will the GOP get back to its conservative roots and listen to the will of the people across America and follow the “new Contract from America” or will they join their Socialist Elitist brethren across the isle in the unemployment lines.

Very interesting indeed……

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