Thursday, July 2, 2009

The “Honduras Blueprint”, America is heading for a similar confrontation?

The news headlines that have been streaming out of the small Central American country for the most part seem confusing to the layman.

We have read where the military have surrounded the “Presidential Palace” and sent that leader packing to Costa Rica and then heard cries of “foul” from Cuba, Venezuela and even Hillary Clinton.

So, why would thugs and communist dictators who thrive on “military force” to achieve political oppression of its people object to the use of military force to oust another?

When you see the circumstances surrounding the “ouster” of the President of Honduras you see a lot of parallels to what is happening here, in America itself.

The situation in Honduras went something like this:

1. The President decided that he would hold a referendum to change the Constitution of that country by holding an election but the power to change the constitution lies in that country’s Congress and only after a “constituent assembly” through referendum.

2. The President in defiance of the Congress decided he would hold the vote anyway and had the necessary ballots shipped in from his pal (President of Venezuela).

3. The Honduran “Supreme Court” then ruled that his actions were unconstitutional and ordered the Honduran military to stand down from carrying out the logistical nature of the elections (which is in its mandate).

4. The military commander informed the President that the military would have to comply with the Supreme Court ruling.

5. The President fired the military commander in order to defy the Supreme Court.

6. The Supreme Court ordered the President to reinstate the fired military commander and the President refused.

7. The President then led a group of thugs that broke into the military installation that housed the ballots sent from Hugo Chavez in complete defiance of the ruling court in an effort to hold the election anyway.

8. In order to uphold the rule of law and the constitution the military surrounded the President, arrested him and sent him into exile as per the court order.

The whole incident was a microcosm of democracy in action and was a direct setback to the leftist expansionism that Hugo Chavez has set upon the South American Continent and has upset him enough to threaten war against Honduras.

What is more upsetting than Hugo Chavez flexing his socialist muscles over the affair is the comments of condemnation that have come from our own Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. It shows that the Obama administration and the democrats are fans of socialist thugs and will exert their own “political” muscles to thwart constitutional law (even if it is not American).

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  1. Of course you are quite correct; she loves the perpetual revolution as it provides movement to capture leverage; she levers the next big rock; media is the most immediate problem, and anyone that uses it to propagate lies or denial; media that presents her with credibility is helping with the ruse;