Sunday, July 19, 2009

Last Laugh, Robert Gibbs laughs/scoffs at Obama Birth Certficate claim

Just in case you were not aware:

In addition to the WND reporting on this issue, Fox News (Hannity) has now picked up the issue and is reporting on it. Addionally, the reporting of this "birther" issue is not exclusive to "right wing" (even though Fox is not a right wing news agency) news as Lou Dobbs of CNN interviewed attorney Taitz over the case on July 15th and said the following:

"And Orly Taitz, the attorney for Maj. Stefan Cook, was on the Lou Dobbs radio program, along with former U.S. Ambassador Alan Keyes, who was a presidential candidate on the ballot in 2008. Dobbs said he and his staff have "been working hard to figure out what's going on."

He said he's found the Federal Election Commission does "nothing to validate … a candidate." Nor do the states, he said. Keyes said it rests upon judges and members of Congress, who have sworn an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution, to do their duty and investigate questions or discrepancies. Dobbs suggested that many Americans believe simply being born to a mother who is a U.S. citizen automatically makes the newborn a citizen, but both Taitz and Keyes explained that under the immigration law in effect in the 1960s when Obama was born, an American woman married to a foreign national man had to have lived in the U.S. 10 years, at least five of which were after the age of 14, to pass along U.S. citizenship. Taitz pointed out Obama's mother was too young to do that.

"Now that Dobbs has reported on it, another Liberal Talk show host out of NYC (Lynn Samuels) also joined the ranks of the "birthers" when she said this:""We don't even know where he was born," she says. "I absolutely believe he was not born in this country."

Challenged by a caller that Obama could not have hidden birth certificate issues from the U.S., she responded:

"Yes you can. His birth certificate is locked and the story came out on WorldNetDaily the other day – they're really on this – he said originally he was born in like Queen Anne hospital in Hawaii. Then he sends a letter of congratulations on the anniversary of some other hospital in Hawaii, saying of course this is a great hospital, I was born here. He doesn't even know where the hell he was born because he's lying."

The issue is gaining momentum from all sides and is just a matter of time before it is too much for Team Obama to keep under wraps.

With his socialist policy going down the tubes according to the polls and his health care bill coming apart at the seams he still will have to start fending off legal issues from the Rod Blagoyevich case. It just keeps getting better and better

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