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Overwhelm - then topple!, Obama strategy for America

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I think we can all safely say that this author believes (and is backed up by sourced material and Obama’s own actions) the usurper President is an ardent socialist that is intent on destroying America (from within) in order to bring about a utopian society that he and his fellow travelers believe in.

The strategy that I talk about is well sourced and is funded by foreign individuals as well as our own money from taxpayers.

First let me begin by restating that Obama is not even an American Citizen by birth and the very act of his Presidency should show that he has no intention of upholding and defending our sacred constitution by this fact alone. His radical roots are also well sourced and in the public domain.

His ties to ACORN go back to his youth and he believes in the “community activist” model as he has shown in his policy aspirations and decisions. This is cemented by his proposal to give the 2010 census to them for completion.

The Obama belief in ACORN is not just in the voter registration spectrum, but mainly in the militant philosophy that they have adopted in the Cloward-Piven strategy.

I have written extensively about this before and hope the readers take a chance to read it again now because it goes to the heart of what Obama is trying to achieve. For instance, how many times in the past 6 months have you heard the following words coming out of the Obama Administration – “Never let a crisis go to waste”?

This is the gist of the Cloward-Piven strategy that Obama and ACORN worship in order to bring about the downfall of this great nation by “overwhelming” the very institution of our government.
The opening statement of Cloward-Piven is – “Cloward-Piven is a strategy for forcing political change through orchestrated crisis.”
Now that you have read the strategy think about the things that have transpired and reported in the MSM as well as the internet in regards to the various governmental agencies (at the county, city, state and Federal levels) that are under enormous strain or that are outright “overwhelmed”:
1) California is now issuing IOU’s to keep itself afloat. The state has repeatedly tried to solicit help from the Federal level (which Obama has refused intentionally to hasten the economic crisis there).
2) The unemployed ranks are growing at a level that averages roughly 650,000 per month (all of which are drawing benefits, which in turn are placing a number of States across the nation in further economic distress).
3) The last three Presidential elections have been rife with voter fraud, intimidation and corruption that have overwhelmed states and the judicial system with lawsuits.
4) Illegal immigrants have been flooding into the country unchecked and have been sapping local, state and federal welfare programs.
5) The banking system has been overwhelmed by bad loans to unworthy credit risks forcing federal bailouts.
6) Insurance industries have been overwhelmed by defaults of those same banking decisions and have overwhelmed the private companies to seek federal assistance.
The list goes on and on.
Whenever I hear Obama say “never let a crisis go to waste” I know that these are “code words” to the various community organizers and fellow socialist travelers to keep the pressure on to hasten the fall of the “capitalist system” and usher in a Venezuela type government.
If by now you are not convinced that Obama is a radical socialist then all you have to do is look at his ‘foreign policy” (which is now in the history books and should still be fresh in the minds of everyone):
1. Withdraw troops from battlefields in Iraq.
2. Close down Guantanamo and transfer prisoners out of the prison.
3. Meet and shakes hand with Hugo Chavez warmly.
4. Opens up travel and tourism and banking to Cuba.
5. States that Iran has the right to nuclear power and remains quiet about the brutal killings from their elections.
6. Condemns Honduras for upholding their constitution by ejecting their President and calling the whole affair a “coup” and demands they allow the ex-president to return and all the while keeps silent on the threat from Hugo Chavez that Venzuela will use military action against the country to reinstate the outsted president.
7. Demands that Israel stand down militarily against the aggressive Iran and orders them to stop building new settlements.
The list goes on and on!
Domestic spending frenzies, Cap and Trade (which will kill millions of jobs and saddle the taxpayer with high fuel and energy costs) and the biggest spending of all to come in the form of “Healthcare for all”.
The question will not be “will America survive these issues” but “when will the government fall”. In the ensuing riots and chaos will be – “Will the police and military follow Obama to complete the transformation”?
I have no doubt that Obama is pushing to disarm us quickly because the fall is being hastened. This is also why those on the right are being labeled as “extremists” because they will be the ones who will not go quietly into the socialism nighttime.

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