Thursday, July 2, 2009

Will Israel strike Iran?, question remains

There have been much speculation lately about Israeli plans to take out Irans nuclear processing facilities since the world has gone soft on the terror state.

Some of that speculation and the delay in Israeli action is based on a couple of factors that had to play out. One of those already have when Netenyahu met with Obama. Since Israel did not get the reaction they were hoping for with Obama it has been floated that one more consideration has come and gone in the decision making process and that was the Iranian elections.

Israel has held off any military action because they were privately hoping that Ahmadidijad would lose and a more "moderate" President would replace him. The elections have come and gone and the President has announced he won in a landslide victory but there have been rampant voter irregularities that have brought unrest throughout the country and now the Ayetollahs have stated that they are going to "look into" the irregularities.

Maybe its just me, but I think that Iran is fully aware of the implications of a reelection of its President and has devised this controversy to "stall" for more time in order to complete their bomb while Ahmadidijad still retains the title of President.

Unfortunately, Washington has bought this delay and has called for an investigation and said it does not recognize the President elect as the winner. This allows Tehran terror leaders to perpetrate this hoax in order to finish and keep Israel waiting for someone who may be more moderate.

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