Tuesday, July 14, 2009

US Army retreats in the courtroom

In less than 48 hours a single attorney who has been on the forefront of litigation to compel, through legal means, Obama to disclose his long form birth certificate to prove he is not fit to be President has won two major legal victories.

First, yesterday, in Federal Court in Santa Ana, California Ortiz won the right to trial in a case filed on behalf of Alan Keyes (former 2008 Presidential Candidate and Ambassador). Now, today, the Army withdrew it's orders of deployment for US Army Major Stefan Frederick Cook instead of proceeding to fight it out.

It now appears that the Army, instead of forcing one of its officers to deploy during wartime it chose flight over fight.

Now, if any active duty or reservist members of the US military wish to challenge orders given by their usurper CINC all they have to do is call this great American Attorney.

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