Thursday, July 2, 2009

While one Conyer pleads guilty the other gives ACORN a pass, John Conyers decides against ACORN investigation Rating Rate Topic:

On the same day that his wife is before a Magistrate pleading guilty to bribery charges as a Detroit Councilwomen, her husband is on Capitol Hill informing everyone that he has changed his mind about conducted a probe of ACORN for voter fraud and corruption stating the "powers that be has made the decision against the probe".

The powers that be? Conyers, the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee is receiving "marching orders from whom"?

First the Justice department drops a "slam dunk" court case against three black panther radicals who intimidated voters on election night at the polls and now the Judiciary Chairman is blocking efforts to get to the truth behind the very corrupt organization that may be handed the 2010 US census.Where is the outcry.

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