Friday, July 31, 2009

Obama wants to make our enemies our friend, while treating our friends like enemies

During the campaign Obama raised a considerable amount of ire when he insisted that we sit down and negotiate with the terror regime of Iran over the nuclear weapon issue.

Those who believe that we cannot negotiate with terrorist are angry that Obama tactic to open the dialogue without any conditions attatched to such an adventure.

Obama has instead positioned the American and Jewish concerns into a weakened groundwork by making this bold extension of his "olive leaf".

Since he has stated this position publically Iran has been emboldened to the point to where they are now demanding that Washington apologize for his past transgressions and itself has set a myriad of conditions in order to discuss the issue with us all the while they continue to build their bomb.

In addition to this reckless and dangerously naive policy course Obama has told Israel (actually ordered) to stop its building of settlements and under any circumstances are they to engage in a "pre-emptive strike" against Iranian nuclear facilities with further embolden the terrorist regime.

Netenyahu has openly defied Obama's order to the Jewish State and vows to continue to build its settlements and will likely do what it is in its best interest regarding any military strikes to pretect its citizens from being obliterated by Islamic Fundamentalists.

Obama is still undeterred by Israels defiance and has now sent his most senior advisors back to Israel in order to "order" them again to "cease and desist".

So, instead of holding a firm stance against the terror state in manner that Obama is doing with Israel he is doing his best to ensure that the Jewish state will "cease to exist"!

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