Friday, July 10, 2009

Last Laugh, Robert Gibbs laughs/scoffs at Obama Birth Certficate claim

Remember when the reporter finally got his chance (because the White House allows certain news agencies only limited questions on specific days during White House briefings) to ask about Obama and his eligibility to serve as President and he laughed and ridculed the issue as being settled when Obama posted his "short form" Birth certificate on his website during the campaign?

Then all of the lawsuits demanding the long form have been entered at the County, State and Federal court systems that have been routinely denied or dismissed until a couple of weeks ago when a Federal Judge ruled that there ARE serious issues and questions that need to be resolved and schedued a preliminary hearing to get at them (the crack in the wall of silence). That hearing is scheduled for July 13th (Monday).

Since the attorney for the Plaintiffs personally served Obama as an individual on inauguration day (prior to his swearing in) and Obama had ignored the subpoena he is technically in default and the attorney will attempt on Monday to get the order for the documents demanded (which include his long form birth certificate, college records and a slew of other personal documents).

With this impending hearing, the Justice Dept is NOW getting involved and is trying to insert itself into the hearing stating that it is a party to the motion. Thing is, since Obama was not sworn in yet when the subpoena was issued, the Government has no standing as he was not the President yet. In addition, the counsel for the Joint Chiefs are also weighing in NOW because they believe there is concern with the issue of military matters if Obama's eligibility goes sideways on him.

We will wait to see who will get the last laugh here Mr. Gibbs.

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