Thursday, July 2, 2009

The stupid side of politics, Republican Mark Sanford takes a holiday

The best way to describe the stupid stunt that the Republican Governor pulled when he went "incommunicado" from his elected office is, well, stupid!Yes he should resign for a host of reasons:

1) Infidelity to his spouse (even though she was aware of his sexcapades)

2) Deriliction of duty for being absent without contact and thus let his constituents and fellow state occupants down!

3) Stupidity and poor judgement!I pick number three because those who pull this kind of crap always get caught.

Just look to Spitzer (hookers in NY hotel rooms on the government dime); John Edwards and his love child while his wife battled cancer and John Ensign from Arizona.

The best excuse yet, that I read on the internet was "Sanford's staff misunderstood the Governor. They thought he said he was hiking the Appalachian Trail." While in fact, he had said "he was tracking some Argentinean tail."

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